EVV - Aide Care Champ Use

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This is the EVV Care Champ manual.

We recommend saving the link to your favorites list in your web browser versus printing, as changes are made often. 

Table of Contents

EVV - Setting Up Care Champ

1. Use the appropriate link above to open the login screen to CareChamp for either aides or nurses.
2. Your administrator will tell you your log in & password. Log in.
3. Add CareChamp to your home screen for quick access:

    a. iPhone: use the button at the bottom to Add to Home Screen.
    b. Android: use the menu at the top left or right to Add to Home Screen.

EVV - Capture Employee Electronic Signature

Video: Capturing Aide Signature in CareChamp - YouTube

Adding your electronic signature is a one-time setup. This will print your signature on the weekly time sheets. 

1. From your Care Champ app, press the menu icon from top left corner.


2. Press on My Signature.

3. Use your finger like it's a pen to write your signature in the white box.

4. You can clear out the signature and redo, as needed.

5. Save the signature when you are satisfied.

EVV - Use Care Champ App to Make EVV Visits

Video: How to document a patient visit - YouTube

  1. When you log into CareChamp, you will see the list of your visits for today.    
  2. When you touch the patient, you will see the scheduled start & end time. 
      Don’t worry, you can arrive and leave at any time.
  3. There is a green Start button at the bottom of the screen. 

4. IMPORTANT: Click Start when you are at the patient home. Start stamps your start time on your timesheet.
5. You will see the list of tasks you’re supposed to complete today. You can check them off as you do them or check all of them at once at the end of your visit.

  6.   If there are any tasks you cannot perform, there is a Reason below the tasks.   
        Indicate the reason you could not perform any task you did not check.
        The Tasks bar will turn green when you have completed the section.
  7.   Optional: you may have other sections to complete, such as Pain, Gastrointestinal, and Vitals. Complete them as required.
  8.   At the end of the visit, there is a Verify button. Click on the Verify button to pull up the Patient Signature screen.  You will use this to capture the patient signature.  The patient can use their finger to sign their signature in the white area of your screen.

  9.   There is a counter in the lower left corner of the screen that shows how long this visit is so far.
10.  Once the Verify is complete, you will see the üFinish button at the bottom.  Click that button to end the visit.  This has to be done within a physical distance of the patient home.  

IMPORTANT: Click Finish when you are leaving the patient home. Finish stamps the time your visit ended onto your timesheet; as well as informs yourOffice that you have ended the visit.

11Once you click üFinish, you will be moved back to the main screen; and will now see a locked icon by that visit.

EVV - Logging Out of Visit Early

Video: Logging out of visit early - YouTube

Here are the instructions if you need to complete the visit in less than the amount of the scheduled time.

  • Select each task that was performed. 
  • Select the Reason tasks could not be performed button if you were not able to complete all tasks. 
  • Select a reason from the pop-up list and then select the Set button. 
  • Complete the Verification signature, if your agency collects signatures. 
  • Select the Finish button. 
  • You will receive a pop-up box to indicate why you are leaving early. 
  • If you selected Finish by mistake, just select the continue visit option to go back. 

EVV - Forgot to Clock Out

Video: Forgot to Clock Out - YouTube

The following is used from the Care Champ app if the user forgets to clock out of previous visit.

When you attempt to start a visit for the current day, you will receive a message asking if you want to clock out of the previous visit.  Click on Yes, Clock Out.

At this point it will mark your GPS location and force the time out to equal the scheduled total time. 

You will then continue onto your visit for the current day. 

EVV - Patient Schedule Not Showing in App

1.  If you do not see the patient you need to visit on your list of visits for the day, you can add the patient.
2.  Click the + button in the upper right.
3.  You will see the Schedule New Visit screen.
4.  Click Patient. This brings up an alphabetical list of your patients. 
5.  Select the patient you need. Click Set.
6.  Set the Visit Type (Aide Visit).
7.  Schedule the Visit if you are not at the patient home. If you are at the patient home, click Schedule and Start.
8.  The rest of the visit is the same as usual.
If there is a pattern with the same patient not showing up, or duplicates, notify the office to review the schedule. 

NOTE: If you do not have the + sign then your agency has removed this permission. Use telephony to start a visit or ask the office to add the schedule.