Barnestorm is set up to run the verify nightly around 12:50 AM. It will process the previous two days EVV Visits (visit date). On Saturday it will go back seven days to pick up any late entry visits. Each automated process will pick up any Send Failed visits to attempt another send.

Sometimes Sandata will get busy, which slows down the process of verifying visits. You can try later to double-click the visit for an attempt on sending it.

If the patient's number is listed as private, the aide will need to dial *82 before dialing out the telephony number. This will unblock the phone number. Other options are to use the aide's phone to call or start the visit with the Care Champ app.

A1: If this issue is isolated to one visit or aide, have the aide select the visit from the app and click on "resend". Do not complete the visit in Office. It can take 30 minutes or so to show up completed in Office.
A2: If this issue is happening for ALL visits and aides during the same time frame then you will want to contact a Barnestorm representative to look into the situation.

The two common issues related to users not able to log into their Care Champ app:
A1: Their login has not been activated or setup yet. Contact a Barnestorm rep to generate the employees credentials. Send a request
A2: The employee is mistyping their login information. Recheck their login and password for them. Have an office staff try to login.