You are about to download Barnestorm. Please contact support if you need help with the following instructions:

1. Enter your agency code:
Agency Code:

2. Choose your software:

3. Click this link to download the installer:

3.1 The following steps may be necessary depending on your browser and firewall settings. If your browser instructs you to discard or keep the installer, choose to keep the installer. If your browser says that the file is not commonly downloaded, select "See more":

3.2 Select "Keep".

3.3 Select "Show more".

3.4 Select "Keep anyway".

3.5 Click the Barnestorm file.

3.6 If your firewall or Windows Smartscreen blocks the running of the installer, allow it.

4. If prompted, click Yes to allow this app to make changes to your device. A status bar will appear while the install process takes place.

5. After it is finished the Barnestorm login will appear and you should have a new icon on your desktop:
6. All done!