Update ID: 301

Update Status: Published

Barnestorm Publisher

Version: Version 1.2023.1024.0

10/16/2023 12:16:14 PM

40307 EVV Visits: 

1) Added checkbox 'Only EVV Payers' as an option. This will allow you to narrow down your visits to focus on visits that require EVV Visits sent directly to Sandata. This will hide payers that do not require EVV Visits and also payers that are exported through HHAeXchange/CareBridge. 

2) Due to ongoing Sandata issues affecting EVV sending to Sandata, Barnestorm will be managing EVV sends for all providers. We have removed the Verify button and the double-click option to send visits for now.  If you find visits that are Pending, please let us know the dates & charts by emailing us at customersupport@barnestorm.com--we will work on sending for you & let you know when it is complete. Sandata has told us they are working on their timeout issues that have been happening since September 13th--they acknowledge them but have not fixed them yet--Barnestorm's ticket with Sandata is 511945. Barnestorm is manually sending all EVV for each provider. We're hoping Sandata will resolve these issues soon. 

40319 Billing > Print UB04 > Virginia EVV Claims > Removed the employee name from referring provider. 

40288 Patient Histories > Authorizations: Added a Comment field for CAP/PCS customers. 

40239 Documents: Added a pop-up box to notify user if they are trying to save a document with an invalid character. 

40402 Billing > PPS Billing > End of Episode Claims > Select Episodes for Billing Thru: Allow the maximum thru date to yesterday.

40403 Billing > Edit PPS Episodes: 1) Cancel this EoE Claim; when canceling an episode marked as No Visits, remove the No Visits setting to change the episode back to NOA No EoE 2) When selecting an episode that is marked as No Visits but does have chargeable visits, automatically give the option to remove the status.

40404 Billing > Reports > 14.03: Added an option to print episodes marked as Denied/No Visits.