Update ID: 304

Update Status: Published

Barnestorm Publisher

Version: Version 1.2023.1113.1

10/27/2023 7:45:11 AM

40463 Visits/Assessments Added PT to be able to co-sign PTA assessments.

PT and OT to Co Sign Assessments (Co Sign, OT) (barnestorm.biz)

40469 Fixed Visits/Assessments preview for PT/OT/ST when Barthel or Step Test was completed. 

40390 Visits/Assessments > Info > Oasis: Fixed issue where it errors out after selecting an Oasis.  OASIS > Long View: Fixed error when selecting Long preview. 

40542 Doctors: Fixed error when deleting consulting doctors. 

40562 Oasis > Declining M00s: Fixed error to handle multiple Oasis versions between SOC and most recent; Added an option to Show All.