Update ID: 305

Update Status: Published

Barnestorm Publisher

Version: Version 1.2023.1115.2

11/6/2023 2:46:17 PM

40461 EVV Visits EVV - EVV Visits Verify (barnestorm.biz)

1) You no longer have the option to check 'Show EVV Status'. The status will automatically load when selecting the screen.

2) We have activated the option so that you can send a visit to Sandata with double-clicking. This works a little differently. Double-click a visit and you'll see a status on the visit line showing you it is sending. Stay on this screen until you receive the green verified status or orange Send Failed.

3) Only EVV Payers: Check this box to remove any payers that are NOT straight Medicaid where the visits go directly to Sandata. This will remove payers like MCO Medicaid, private insurance, and VA, so that you can focus on straight Medicaid only.

40208 Reports > Accounts Receivable > 05.22 and 05.23: Show the Balance Due in the $Amount columns.

40304 Reports > Oasis > 13.29: Fixed the error related to Oasis questions. 

40469 Fixed Visits/Assessments preview for PT/OT/ST when Barthel or Step Test was completed. 

40390 OASIS > Long View: Fixed error when selecting Long preview. 

40542 Doctors: Fixed error when deleting consulting doctors. 

40562 Oasis > Declining M00s: Fixed error to handle multiple Oasis versions between SOC and most recent; Added an option to Show All.