Update ID: 306

Update Status: Published

Barnestorm Publisher

Version: Version 1.2023.1204.0

11/21/2023 8:36:07 AM

40556 Select Patient: **NEW** We added an infestation indicator for when a chart has been marked with bedbug or cockroach infestation. This is documented from the Emergency Plan screen, next to the COVID indicator. The Emergency Plan screen can be located from the Main Menu, Referral, or within a visit. 

Office Indicator: 

Select Patient > After selecting a patient, the top panel will show the infestation description. 

POC indicator: 

Select Patient > My Schedules, the patient's schedule will be highlighted. 

Select Patient > Search, the patient's name in the search list will be highlighted.

Select Patient > After selecting a patient, the top panel will be highlighted, and the infestation description will appear. 

40607 Reports > Agency > 06.07 > NC Medicaid: For the option 'Print by Category instead of Payer', added a separate category for NC Medicaid PHP payers; Added an option to 'Exclude Supply Charges' from report count. 

40608 Reports > Cost Report > 09.06: Added an option to 'Consolidate Revenue Codes'. 

40575 Added a global setting 0760 Always show Aide Supe screen for Hospice RN Visits.

40638 Billing > EOE MSP Claims: Fixed to split the ICD codes into groups of 12. 

40598 Billing > EOE Claims: Fixed to not change PTA and OTA codes of G2168 and G2169 to G0151 and G0152.

40599 Billing Updated Case Mix Weights for 2024.

40529 Codes > County: Updated PDGM codes.