Update ID: 330

Update Status: Published

Barnestorm Publisher

Version: Version 1.2024.0520.0

5/2/2024 9:46:37 AM

41415 Billing Inquiry > Visits: Fixed the am/pm on time in and out (screen maximized).

41407 Employee Activity > Import Visit Charges and HHAeXchange File Import: Updated to split the visits at midnight to match HHAeXchange integration requirements.

41406 Reports > Cost Reports > 09.03: Updated to exclude patients marked as Cancelled or with an Admit Type defined as Not a Patient, even when they have chargeable visits.

41399 Reports > Billing > 14.05: Updated number of days calculation for NOA instead of RAP.

41332 Billing > Edit PPS Episodes > Change the message beside EOE $Paid to Cancelled / Paid $0 when the episode is marked as paid but the amount paid is 0.