Update ID: 331

Update Status: Published

Barnestorm Publisher

Version: Version 1.2024.0617.0

5/23/2024 10:51:27 AM

41384 Office > HHAeXchange: Use the chart number - year - month- day as the invoice number, so multiple visits to the same patient on the same day with same service code will have the same invoice number; Divide out the schedule when visits cross midnight to create two separate entries.

41138 Office > HHAeXchange (HH EVV): Update service codes used for import files.

41489 Billing > Reports > 15.03: Fixed to run faster and handle patients with more than 99 episodes.

41493 Reports > Misc > 21.01: Fixed error when print by Program/Payer or County is selected.

41495 Reports > Agency > 06.09: Added an option for PPS or Non-PPS payers or Both.

41405 Billing > EOE > When an episode end date was more than 9 days ago and it has no visits, don't mark it as cancelled, just put it on hold with reason description of **Episode has no visits

41400 EVV Visits: Remove EVV Flagged from icon list at the bottom, added Type into the header column for the type of device used.