Enter Non-Visit Time - Old Screen

Barnestorm Office: from the main menu, click Employee Activity. A menu will pop up; select Non-Visit Entry.
Barnestorm POC:  from the main menu, click Non-Visit Time.

  1. Change the date to the date for which you need to enter non-visit time.
  2. Click on Load Entries for This Date (if same date as today, no need to do anything).
  3. Your employee number should already be filled in. If you are entering time for another employee, then change the employee number and click on Load Entries for This Date.
  4. Clinical staff can click on the Show Assessments tab at the bottom to view their visits for that day.
  5. To select non-visit time codes, you can either type the code into the grid at the bottom, or you can click on the code in the top panel (which scrolls tot he right to reveal more codes). Note that the codes shown only reflect one program code, but you may type another program code into tthe grid to bring up all the codes for that program.
  6. Enter the Program code (Pr.) and Non-Visit Code (Nvt.) into the grid.
  7. Tab to or click on the In column. Type in the starting time. You do not need to enter punctuation (: colon).
  8. Tab to the Out column. Type in the ending time.
  9. Tab to the Start Odo. Column. Enter the starting odometer reading if traveling was done. If traveling was not done or is not recorded with this time entry item, you can skip the odometer column.
  10. Tab to the End Odo. Enter the ending odometer reading. The Miles column will calculate for you automatically (you do not have to calculate miles travelled).
  11. If you do not keep track of odometer readings, you can enter the total mileage in the Miles column and leave the odometer columns blank.
  12. Tab to Comments and enter a description of the non-visit time if needed. This can also be used as a note regarding the time entry item.
  13. From here, you can tab to the next line and enter more non-visit time entries or click on Save Entries for This Date. This button should be pink before you click it, and then turn to gray after saved.
  14. You can document additional expenses at the bottom of this screen by typing in the amount and comments in the Meeting Fees, Meals or Misc. Expense.  This will show up on the 02.08 Mileage Reimbursement report. 
  15. To delete an entry - Option 1:  Type the word ‘DELETE’ in the Comments section and click on Save Entries for This Date. The whole line will disappear.  Option 2:  There is a tab labeled "To DELETE an entry, click in the row, then click Here," follow those directions to delete the entry.

* If you load a date and a message pops up letting you know that you have duplicate entries, you can review the entries and delete the incorrect one (see step above on how to delete entries). 

** If additional non-visit codes need added to the system, go to Codes > Program Related Codes > Non Visit Time Codes to add them.