Create NOA for Medicare PPS

In this document, you will find instructions for creating and sending NOA for Medicare, and for other payers/plans that follow Medicare billing guidelines. There have been several changes in the last 3 years in regards to RAP billing, including the name change from RAP to NOA.  The following instructions are for NOA billing, effective January 1, 2022.

NOTE:  This process applies to Medicare, or any other PPS payer that is marked as using NOA 2022 (Codes > Payers > Electronic Claims Setup > NOA 2022 Start Date).

From the Main Menu go to Billing > PPS Billing > RAP Claims.

a. In the first column, click on the Chart Number of any RAP you do not want to include in billing.

b. The chart number will move to the bottom middle column, under Episodes Removed From the Selected List.

c. If you change your mind, you can click the chart number from the bottom middle column, and it will move back to the first column, which is the list of episodes for billing.

**Once the transmission is created, you will use your agency process to upload that transmission to the payer portal.  

Sending NOAs electronically 

If you use a vendor like Ability or eSolutions to transmit your claims you will need to follow their directions on how to upload the claims to their portal.  To find out where on your machine the claims are being saved, go to Billing > HIPAA Transactions > Edit HIPAA Payers.  Select the payer you are interested in and look at the "Transmit Folder" field for the location of where those claims are being saved. 

Sending NOAs by mail

RAP/NOA History:
Click here for RAPs Billed with Service Date Effective 01/01/2021
Click here for RAPs to be Replaced with NOA 2022