New Non Visit Screen

Barnestorm Office: from the main menu, click Employee Activity. A menu will pop up; select Non-Visit Entry.
Barnestorm POC: from the main menu, click
Non-Visit Time.

*Note: if you want the new non visit screen to be default click the box "Make This Screen My Default Non-Visit Entry Screen".  The new non visit screen will show up as default.  If you go back to the old non visit screen, it will at that time become your default screen.

The bottom panel always shows one week of dates. To add or change time for past or future dates (up to 30 days in the future) click on the -1 Week or 1 Week button to change the week being displayed.

* If additional non-visit codes need added to the system, go to Codes > Program Related Codes > Non-Visit Time Codes to add them. 

* A max of 18 entries are allowed per date.