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The messaging system in Barnestorm is similar to inter-office email.  The intended purpose is to aid in the communication of information between employees that are logged into the Barnestorm system.  Message recipients are notified that they have a new message by a pop-up in the lower right-hand corner of their screen and also, a red banner notification across the Main Menu screen.  Messaging will only work when employees are actually logged into the Barnestorm system.  Point of Care users must synchronize before receiving any new messages.  Messaging will also allow you to choose if you want to send the message via text message or email.  See the attached link for details.  
Creating new messages

New messages can be created from several points within the software, including the Referral screen, Scheduling screen and the Messaging screen.

  • To create a new message from the Messaging screen, from the main menu, click Messaging.  Click the New Message button.  This screen will appear:
  • Recipient, subject and message text are required, the chart number is optional.  Uncheck "Active Patients Only" to search for discharged patients. 
  • Send To options will include One or more employees or a Team of employees that has been setup under codes.  See Employee Team Codes article on how to setup teams. 
  • Messages can be sent and delivered at a future date.  This is particularly useful for visits or reminders that need to happen in the future.  To create a message that will send in the future, uncheck the box that says Messages should be delivered immediately.  Then fill in the date and time that the message should be delivered.
  • Select how the message should be sent to the user; Barnestorm Message, Email, or Text Message.  See the attached article on how to setup Email and Text.  
  • To send the message, click Send.
  • *Point of Care users will have to sync to send their messages.

Receiving Messages

Once a message has been sent to you, a notification will pop up in the lower right-hand corner of your screen and across the Messaging button from the Main Menu.  It will look like this:

  • Clicking the text at the bottom that says Click to confirm receipt of this message will mark the message as Read and it will not pop up anymore.
  • The message will continue to pop up until you mark the message as Read or delete it from the messaging screen.
  • Clicking the text that contains the sender and the subject will display the message for you in this window:

  • This window is a read-only view of the message that you just received.
  • To mark this message as Read and discontinue the notifications associated with this message, click Mark as Read.
  • To discontinue receiving future messages, click Turn Off Alerts.
  • *Point of Care users will have to sync to receive and send new messages.
Reply to Sender
Once you have the message pulled up you will have a few options on replying: 
  • Click Reply to reply to employee who sent the message.  Click All to reply to all employees in the message.  To select new employees to send the message to, click Forward and search for the employee in the To field. 
  • You can also Print or Delete the message from the preview. 
Create a Reminder
You can setup a reminder message for yourself to pop up at a specific date/time.  
  • Click on New Reminder at the top of the Messaging screen.
  • Patient is optional, enter a Subject and text message.
  • Select a date and time to receive your pop-up reminder. 
  • Click on Save
  • Your reminder will pop-up at the bottom, right corner of your screen on the date/time it was setup to reminder you. 
  • Double click your reminder pop-up to Dismiss, Snooze, Print or Delete the reminder.