Track Verbal Orders

Barnestorm Office > Mailings > Mail Orders 

The Mail Orders function tracks verbal orders sent by mail (or fax) to a physician for signature and helps you to monitor when returned signed. It integrates with the billing system to ensure that claims are not billed to certain payers until the necessary documentation has been received. Pending orders do not appear on this screen.

At the end of this article we list additional features that may apply to your agency. You should review your office procedures on how track verbal orders.

The screen is split into two sections; the top pane shows verbal orders not marked as mailed and the bottom pane are orders mailed but not returned. 

Outgoing Orders to Send

Incoming Mailed Orders


If the doctor you have selected does not wish to have orders faxed, you will see a warning message at the top of the mailing screen. This is just a visual reminder not to fax orders to the physician for signature. This can be setup for each doctor under Codes > Other Basic Codes > Doctors, uncheck Accepts Faxes and click on Save.

If your agency is setup to mark FYI orders as mailed, FYI orders will appear under the Outgoing Orders to Send section. After marking the order as mailed it will also be marked as returned. This can be used as a checks and balance to make sure a copy has been sent to the physician. Codes > Security > Global Settings > Orders > 0612 is what will turn this feature on or off.

To print verbal orders as an FYI to physician(s) other than the ordering one: Select the verbal order and click the Print for Different Dr button. In the pop up window you can select the doctor a copy needs sent to. When the print/preview pulls up it will be a Physician Communication without a place for the doctor to sign. This can be done from both unmailed and mailed orders.

If you need to mail the order to the physician multiple times you can use the ReMailed Today button.  This will mark it as mailed again – up to three times.

If an order was mailed by mistake select the order and click on Mark as Unmailed.  The order will be moved back to the top pane.

If an order was returned by mistake go to Orders > Track Orders, enter the verbal order number at the top or select from the list. Click the Mark as Not Returned button.

If you use the Received by Fax button and your agency is setup to receive faxes as an original then the order will be taken off of the tracking list. This setup is from Codes > Security > Global Setting > 485 > 0100 485s/Orders received by fax are considered Received = must be True to take order off of tracking.

Other report to print for Orders/485s not returned or not mailed is 01.19 485 and VO Tracking