Track Verbal Orders

The Order Tracking in Barnestorm Office allows you to keep track of which Verbal Orders have NOT been mailed yet and which ones have been mailed but not returned from the physician.   

Note: When “Track out” is referred = The order has been reviewed and signed by the nurse and is now ready to be mailed to the physician for a signature. “Track in” = the order has been signed by the physician and has been returned to your office. 

As soon as an order has been created it will show up in the top part of the Mail Orders screen.  This will help you to keep track of any orders created but has not been mailed yet.

If the doctor you have selected does not wish to have orders faxed, then a message will appear stating so.  This can be setup for each doctor under Codes > Other Basic Codes > Doctors, uncheck Accepts Faxes and click on Save.

If your agency is setup to manually mark FYI orders as mailed then any FYI orders will appear under the Outgoing Orders to Send section.  If you want the FYI orders to automatically be marked as mailed and returned, a supervisor or manager can turn the feature on from Codes > Security > Global Settings > Orders, mark 0612 as True.  

To print verbal orders as an FYI to physician(s) other than the assigned one:  Select the verbal order, change the doctor code or search by name, click on Print for Different Dr button. When the print/preview pulls up it will be a Physician Communication without a place for the doctor to sign. This can be done from both unmailed and mailed orders.

 When you’re ready to mail an order:

            1.  Click on the Mailings button on the main menu. 

            2.  Select Mail Orders from the sub-menu that pops up.

            3.  The Mail Orders screen will open. The top pane allows you to select and mark orders as being mailed out and the bottom pane allows you to select and mark orders as back in.

            4.  This screen will show the primary doctor for the patient who is currently pulled up on the Select Patient screen. 

            5.  To view all orders that have not been mailed yet select from the drop-down list “Show All Unmailed”.  You can sort this list in order by the doctor last name, patient last name, order issued date (oldest first), date order added, "Type" of order, or Program code.  To print the list click on “Print List” and then click on the printer icon. 

6.  If you want to select a specific doctor, from the Select a View drop-down list, select By Doctor and enter the four digit code or search by the doctors last name. 

7.  To mark an order as mailed, select the order and click on “Mailed Today”.  You can select multiple orders simply by clicking once on the order.  Each order that you select will become highlighted.  The order(s) that you had selected will move down to the bottom pane.  Continue this step until you have mailed all orders that are ready.  Note: if the order was an FYI then it will be marked as Mailed and Returned.  You will not see the FYI order in the Incoming Mailed Orders section. 

To Return an order or “Track In”:

1.  From the same screen under Mailings and Mail Orders you can track the orders back in.  This is done from the bottom pane. 

2.  This works pretty much the same as the unmailed part. If needed, select Show All Unmailed from the Select a View drop-down list at the top of the screen. 

3.  As needed, select the tab at the bottom for Paper Orders or Electronic Orders

4.  Select an order that has been returned signed by the physician and click on “Received by Mail”.  Today’s date will be stamped on the order in Barnestorm as being returned.  Continue this step until all orders needed have been tracked in. 

5.  Once an order has been marked as “Received by Mail” it will no longer show up on this screen. 

Other Features:

o   You can Print/Preview the order from this screen.  Select the order and click on the Print/Preview button.  It can be done from both UnMailed and Mailed, Not Received pane.

o   If you need to mail the order to the physician multiple times you can use the “ReMailed Today” button.  This will mark it as mailed again – up to three times.

o   If an order was mailed by mistake select the order and click on “Mark as Unmailed”.  The order will be moved back to the top pane.

o  If an order was returned by mistake go to Orders > Track Orders, enter the verbal order number and change the Date Returned to 12/31/2075.

o If you use the "Received by Fax" button and your agency is setup to receive faxes as an original then the order will be taken off of the tracking list.  This setup is from Codes > Security > Global Setting > 485 > 0100 485s/Orders received by fax are considered Received = must be True to take order off of tracking.

o  Use this screen as a way to print orders not mailed or orders not returned for a quick reference. 

o Other report to print for Orders/485s not returned or not mailed is 01.19 485 and VO Tracking