Visit Memo Code

The Visit Memo Code can be used to justify why a visit was skipped or not completed as planned.  Each agency can setup their own Visit Memo Codes and a description (ie. Holiday).  The code is entered on the Visit Entry, Medicaid Weekly Visits or Medicaid Monthly Visits screen.  A Patient Claim Data sheet can be printed for the CAP case managers that shows the visit info and visit memo codes.  This is printed in Billing > All Other Billing > Prepare Charges for Billing > Print Patient Claim Data.   

The Visit Memo Codes can be setup the following way:  

o   From Barnestorm Office > Codes > Status Codes > Visit Memo Codes, enter a letter A – Z or 1 – 9 as the code you want to use

o   Enter a description of the memo code

o   Click on Save