My Batch Was Accepted, But Claim(s) Not In DDE

If your claim is not showing up in DDE, most likely there was an issue with the batch/transmission.  To find out if your batch has been accepted, rejected, or if a claim within your batch has been rejected, please use the following procedure.  NOTE:  You must first download the 999 and 277 response files from Ability, Esolutions, or whatever vendor you use.

a.  Go to Billing tab

b.  HIPAA Transactions tab

c.   View HIPAA Transactions

d.  Select the appropriate program/payer on the left.  A listing of transactions will appear on the right.

e.  Select the file name of the transaction you need to review.  It should have file type 837 (for the claim file).  An electronic format of the claim will appear.

f.   Click the 999 checkbox at the top, right of the screen.  See screen shots below. (If there is an error with transmission, it will show here.  If your batch was rejected, you will need to recreate and resubmit the entire transmission, after you correct the error (s).  If your transmission was accepted with no errors, proceed with the next step.

g.   Select 277 bullet  (This shows a further set of edits claim by claim; and indicates if any claim is rejected.  If any single claims have been rejected, you would only need to recreate and resubmit those claims, after you correct the error (s).)

The following Medicare article has detailed information (and examples) on the New 999 and 277CA Response Reports.

Selecting the claim in question

Selecting the 999 bullet when there are errors in the claim

Selecting the 999 bullet when there are NO error in the claim