How to Cancel a RAP/NOA in Barnestorm

If you need to cancel a RAP/NOA, due to wrong information being submitted on the RAP/NOA, such as the wrong episode start date, please follow the directions below.  

  1. From Barnestorm Office main screen, type in the patient name or chart number.
  2. Go to Billing > PPS Billing > Edit PPS Episodes.
  3. Select the (RAP/NOA) episode you wish to cancel in the upper part of the screen.
  4. Click the Cancel this RAP Claim tab near the middle of the screen.  A pop up will appear "Are you sure you want to cancel this RAP claim?"  Select Yes, if appropriate.
  5. Go to Billing>PPS Billing>RAP Claims, the episode should now be included in the list of ready RAPs/NOAs to be rebilled.  If it's an older claim, you may need to modify the "Episode From and Thru dates" located under the "Select Episodes For Billing" column of that screen.

Note:  If you need to Cancel A Batch of Claims, you can click the hyperlink for those instructions.