Hospice Care Plan Overview

From Barnestorm Office: From the Select Patient screen, click on Patient Histories > Hospice Care Plans.

From Barnestorm POC: From the Select Patient screen, click on Hospice Care Plans tab.

Selecting Patients

At the Patient Selection screen, select the group of patients you wish to work with:

After patients are selected, click the OK button in the lower right corner.This opens the main screen for selecting primary activity, either CarePlan workor IDG work.


To Add a Patient


To Remove a Patient

To remove a patient from the list, select the patient's name from the selected patients list and click the Remove Patient  button.

Care Plans

Select Problems button.  

This screen shows the total number of patients brought forward to work with from the previous Patient Selection screen, the patient's chart number and name that you are currently working with, the list of problems identified, current status of each problem. You may also use the following functions with problems: Edit, Print, or Remove. Note: If you Remove a Problem, you will also remove all entries associated with that problem.

Assessing the Patient and Documenting the Care Plan

To edit any of the previous entries, click on the associated problem in the problem list, verify the selected problem appears in the gray bar just below the problem list, then click the Edit tab.  To edit a previous assessment, click on the associated date, then click Edit.   As you navigate through a patients problems, you may notice that editing is disabled on some of them. Editing of the last problem assessment is only available if you are the employee who did the assessment or you have an administrator access level.

When you have finished documenting the care plan, click Return to Patient Selection or any tab on the left column menu. 

To exit from the assessment or edit screen, click on the red X in the upper right corner.  (Note: Wherever there is a RED “X” in the upper right corner, clicking on that serves as the save and close function .  If there isn't a Red X, there will be a Save or Exit tab that should be used to ensure proper closure.)