14.13 RAP Auto-Cancel Episodes

How to Run the Report  (DOES NOT APPLY TO EPISODES STARTING 01/01/2021)

This report will let you know of any episodes that will have the RAP taken back, by a selected date, if the EOE is not created and sent on time (according to the Medicare regulations). NOTE:  If the EOE has been billed, but not paid, the episode will still show up on this report.

From the Main Menu in Barnestorm Office click on Reports > Billing > 14.13 RAP Auto-Cancel Episodes.   

o From and Thru = The date range that the RAP may auto-cancel, due to untimely billing of the EOE.  You can put a "future date" here.  For example, if you would like a list of episodes that will auto-cancel in 2 weeks due to EOE not being billed, you could put the "by date" out to 2 weeks or longer, depending on your search criteria.

o Program(s) / Team(s) = Filter report by entering program or team number(s). Or leave blank to select all.

o Select the Report Sequence you want to run the report.

How to Read the Report

o Chart# = Chart number.

o Patient's Name = Patient name.

o Payer = Payer number and name.

o Tm = Team number, if one is assigned to chart.

o From Date = Episode From Date (first day of episode).

o HIPPS = HIPPS assigned to the OASIS.

o $Amount = Amount from HIPPS code on the RAP claim.

o RAP Date = Date that the RAP was billed.

o RAP Paid = Date that the RAP was paid.

o Episode End = The episodes Thru date (last day of episode).

o EOE Date = The date the EOE was billed, if applicable.  

o RAP Auto-Cancel = The date the RAP will auto-cancel, if EOE is not submitted.


This report feature will present the percentage of RAPs that were paid, but taken back (by Medicare) due to untimely filing of the EOE.