05.07 Pay Adj Codes W Amounts

This report is a review of total amount billed and payment/adjustments received.  It will show you totals for a year, and it breaks the totals down by quarter as well. 

Barnestorm Office > Reports > Accounts Receivable > 05.07 Pay Adj Codes W Amounts

How to Run the Report

From = Transactions dated through this date.This includes amount billed and payment/adjustments.  The report will go back one year from this date.

Program(s)  = Filter report by entering program number(s). Or leave blank to select all.

Put PPS Amount Billed Amounts in the month the episode started, rather than in the month the RAP claim was created = does just that.  

How to Read the Report

P/A Code = First part is the program number / second part is the payment or adjustment code.

Description = The payment or adjustment code description.

The rest of the columns will show you the total amount billed or payment/adjustments for the time frame given in the header.

Each program will have a total listed.  Then a grand total will appear at the end of the list.