14.17 Episodes With OASIS Changed after RAP / EOE

This report will show episodes were the OASIS HIPPs code has changed after the RAP or EOE was created.  We do have checks in place to prevent the OASIS from being updated after the RAP / EOE has been generated.  See tips below for additional information.

Barnestorm Office > Reports > Billing > 14.17 OASIS After RAP

How to Run the Report
o From / Thru = Searches any episode with a from date between the From and Thru date on report. 
Program(s) / Payer(s) = Filter report by entering program or payer numbers.  Or leave blank to select all.

How to Read the Report
FromDate = Episode from date.
o RAP HIPPS = HIPPS code used on the RAP.
OASIS HIPPS = HIPPS code calculated on the OASIS.
RAP Date = Date the RAP was created.
OASIS Changed = Date the OASIS was updated.
EOE Date = Date the EOE was created. 

When creating the RAP, the biller has an option to only select RAPs that have the OASIS exported.  This will ensure that the OASIS has been checked and went through the final review process.

If the RAP has been created and you try to unlock the OASIS, a warning message will appear letting you know that the RAP has been created and you cannot unlock the OASIS until the RAP is cancelled.