02.36 Unscheduled Employees

This report displays employee(s) who do not have a schedule, based on your date range.  From Barnestorm Office, click Reports > Employee > 02.36 Unscheduled Employees.

How to Run the Report

1.  From/Thru = Enter your desired date range.  

2.  Program(s) = Enter specific program number(s), or leave blank to include All.

3.  Team(s) = Enter specific team code(s), or leave blank to include All

4.  Employee #s To Skip: = Enter the employee#(s) you wish to exclude from the report.

Print Options

1.  Print by Employee Name

2.  Print by Program/Employee Name

3.  Print by Skill

How to Read the Report

1.  Code = Employee Number.

2.  Employee Name = Patient Last, First name.

3.  Program Program Number and Description.

4.  Skill = Employee Revenue Code and Discipline.

5.  Most Recent Schedule = The most recent schedule (Day, Date & Time scheduled).

6.  Hours Prev 7 Days = Scheduled Hours from previous scheduled days (7 days from current date)