EVV - Prepare and Send the EVV Visits File to CareBridge

CareBridge will need to receive EVV Visits file for Healthy Blue. This is the only MCO using this method.

CareBridge PDF with common errors: Click Here

Note regarding authorizations: Healthy Blue must have monthly authorization keyed in for all patient's listed on the EVV Visit file.  If one patient is missing a valid authorization, then check the box 'Exclude Patients With Missing Authorizations' before proceeding with steps. EVV - Add Authorization Dates and Hours (barnestorm.biz)

The following are required in order for EVV Visits to appear on the CareBridge import list:

1. Go to Billing > HIPAA Transactions > HHAeXchange/CareBridge. Click the CareBridge File Create tab at the top.
2. Change the from and thru date to match the dates you've cleaned up and prepared in EVV Visits.
3. Click the Select EVV Visits button.
4. If there are any issues, an error report will pop up. Print or save this so you can solve those issues and send those visits later.
5. The visits that are ready to send will appear in the main part of the screen.

IMPORTANT: Look these over, because if there are issues, you need to go back to EVV Visits and fix them before you complete the rest of this process!
6. Click the button to Prepare the Import File. What this does is takes all the EVV info on the screen and prepares a file that will go to CareBridge in the format they need to import the EVV visits. 
7. A pop-up will appear. NOTE: If you click Yes, the file you created will automatically be sent to CareBridge right now. If you click No, the file was still created but will not send. So, if you're ready to send the info to CareBridge, click Yes.

You have completed the process to upload your EVV visits to CareBridge. The file gets sent to CareBridge automatically. CareBridge takes about 3 hours to process files. They provide a response file for each upload.


To re-send visits that were sent incorrectly: Pull up the dates, click the Prepare the Import File, click Yes to send (re-sending overwrites, there is no need to mark as replacement).

If you need to void a visit because it shouldn't have been sent, pull it up, check the box to Select One Visit to Void, and select the visit by clicking on it.

Use Availity to access the Healthy Blue info to see if CareBridge actually created a claim and sent it to Healthy Blue; and if so, get the 835 electronic remittance from Availity (which can take up to 30 days). If EVV data sent to CareBridge does not generate a claim, please contact CareBridge for support. 

Our understanding is that CareBridge creates the 837 from the EVV Visits you upload and sends them to Healthy Blue. However, this is for providers to verify with CareBridge and Healthy Blue, as Barnestorm is not involved in that part of the process.

CareBridge will pay you directly using the method you set up with them when you registered.