Overview of Schedule Calendar Features

Barnestorm Office > Employee Activity > Schedules
Barnestorm Office > Aide Activity> Aide Schedules 
Point-of-Care > Schedule Calendar 

Upon opening the schedule feature, you will find several tabs at the top of the screen, four of which offer different perspectives of your schedule.

Schedule Entry / Day View / Week View / Month View

From any calendar view, the top menu will allow you to access specific information:

Schedule Entry Tab

This tab displays a grid of scheduled appointments. You can click any scheduled item to open the Add/Edit Schedule dialog.  

Filtering the Grid

Day View, Week View, and Month View

Appointments are displayed in a calendar format:


Only employees with the correct security settings can add/edit schedules for others. If permissions are limited, options to change the employee on the schedule will be disabled. Employee Schedule Security Settings (Employee Security, Schedule Calendar) (barnestorm.biz)


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