EVV - Setting Up EVV for a New Patient

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Use this manual for new employees or new Barnestorm customers.  This will walk you through adding the patient's referral, aide care plan, schedule and authorization.

**It is best to save this manual as a favorite in your web browser, instead of printing it. Changes are made often.  

Table of Contents

EVV - Adding a Referral/New Patient

Video: NewEVV Customer Add Referral - YouTube

            Adding a Doctor to Barnestorm- YouTube

Watch the video for complete details. 

1. Go to Referrals from the main menu and click on the Start a New Referral button. 
    The Click for Next Chart # field will become active. Note that all Barnestorm chart numbers are 6 digits. You can either:
     • Enter the first three digits of the chart sequence you are currently using; or
     • Leave this field blank; or
     • Key in the six digit chart that has not been used
2. [Skip this step if you keyed in the six digit number] Click on Next Chart # button. The system will pick up the next available chart number. 
3. If the number is acceptable then click on Accept Chart#.  The referral screen will become active.

The following will cover the required pieces of information for each tab of the Referral screen. Be sure they are keyed in correctly to prevent rejections of EVV records.
Start tabPatients correct spelling of the name o address o patient’s phone or cell number, area code included - be sure to use the phone correct phone that will be used for telephony o date of birth o social security number o gender o race 
     • Making sure only valid data is keyed will help when it’s time to send patient/visit data to the aggregator. 
     • Do not include additional information into the patient’s name or address.  
     • The address has a max of 30 characters. 
     • Always key in the area code with ALL phone numbers, including Contacts.
Referral Information: Add the patients admit date and change Patient Status to Active.  The admit date is the date the agency started or will start services with the patient. Change Admit Type to Admitted.
Payers: Select the Payer 1 row.  Enter the program and payer code (or search by name).  Enter the patient’s Medicaid or payer subscriber number into the HIC# field. Healthy Blue patients will have a subscriber ID, that will go into the HIC# field. 
     • Be sure to use the Medicaid number that starts with a 9.  The Aggregator will not accept the patient/visit if the old Medicaid number is used. Click on Save Payer (important step).
     • Do not use dashes in the HIC# field with the Medicaid number. This will cause EVV Visits to reject from the aggregator.
Dr+Pharmacy: Add the Primary Physician by entering the code or search by name.
Employees: Add the office case manager and assigned aide to list of employees. You can search by name or enter the four-digit code.  The employee listed at #1 will be assigned as the patient's case manager/care coordinator.
Click on Save All Patient Data before exiting the referral.

EVV - Adding ICD Codes to Patient's Chart

Video: Adding ICD Codes for Patient -YouTube
You can get to the ICD Histories screen from the Referral by clicking on ICD History or from the Main Menu > Patient Histories and then ICD History.

Make sure the ICD date is dated on or before the patients admit date.  The admit date shows up at the top of this screen.  The ICD Effective date should default to the admit date.
1. Click on New Date.
2. Add the ICD to the Code Number or Description field. Click on Save. Repeat with secondary code.
3. Once all codes are keyed in click the Save All Changes button. 

Note: Some payers may require a minimum number of ICD codes for billing. 

EVV - Adding New Employees

Video: Add Employees to BarnestormSystem - YouTube
You can add new employees as you key in the referral/patient information or from Codes > Other Basic Codes > Employees.  On the Employees tab of the Referral you can click on New Employee.

1. Click on Add A New Employee button and select a code from the list.
2. Enter at least the minimum required employee information and click on Save.

Required fields:  the correct spelling of the employee’s name, cell phone, Program, Job Code (select the job code the employee usually gets charged as), Rev Code (nurse = 0550, aide must be 0570 or 0599 to work with EVV), SSN, Gender for some MCO's, and Date Hired.  The rest is optional, but we suggest also tracking the date hired.
The primary email address can be left blank to autogenerate an email address. You can add personal or business email in the second email field.
Point-of-Care Users: 
The best way to be EVV compliant is to mark the app status as POC. This will use the device's location service to add the GPS coordinates to the starting and ending time.
The machine itself will need to have the location service enabled in order for it to work. 

EVV - Add Authorization Dates and Hours

Video: (1) Adding Authorization Dates and Hours - YouTube

Use the approved authorized time frame the state approves and track the hours by month or by week.

Ideally, annual authorization and care plan dates will match.  They should create a continuous flow of uninterrupted dates, with no gaps.

For MCOs like Healthy Blue that provide monthly authorizations, the care plan should span the entire period for which you have monthly authorizations and should NOT be broken down into monthly care plans. 

1. From Patient Histories or Referral, click on Authorizations
2. Pull the patient up and select the payer. 
3. Add the Service Plan dates as the From and Thru Dates. 
4. Select Hours/Week or Hours/Month and key in the authorized hours. 
5. Click on Save.

IMPORTANT: if the payer issues authorization numbers for shorter periods of times, you will need to add more entries.
One example is Healthy Blue MCO (BCBS NC). They issue an authorization for each month, so you will need a listing with the auth # for each month of coverage. The auth #s are available from the payer.

Note how Healthy Blue authorizations are documented correctly in the image below:

EVV - Creating the Aide Care Plan

Video: Add Aide Care Plan - YouTube

This step will create the aide care plan, which includes the days of the week and times the aide will visit, and which tasks need to be completed.  This is the process that will also generate the scheduled entries for the EVV Visits screen, Schedule Calendar and the Care Champ app (including telephony). 

1.  From Aide Activity > Aide Plan, click New
2.  Change the From and Thru dates to match authorization dates (auth dates show up at the bottom of the screen). 
3.  Select the assigned aide and office case manager. For CAP/PCS, make sure the three-digit payer and job code match - this is vital for billing and sending data through the EVV Aggregator. The Vst code should be a regular chargeable visit. 
4.  Select all applicable tasks assigned to the service plan (you will assign days of week in upcoming steps). 
5.  Click the checkbox on each day of the week that the aide will visit the patient. 
6.  Assign times by changing the times as needed, making sure that the total time matches the authorized as closely as possible. 
7.  If the aide should not perform a task on a certain day, uncheck the box for that task on that day, as needed (you can also do this as you select each task from above). 
8.  Click the Precautions tab at the top of the screen and select precautions and other indicators, as needed (optional). 
9.  If you need to add special instructions you can make notes under Special Instructions. 
10. (Optional) Save and Print/Preview the plan to verify that the information is correct. 
11. Select the plan and click on Edit, click on Create Schedule and Save Plan. IMPORTANT: This step will generate the schedule for the aide/patient with assigned tasks. This is the step that creates the visits for the Care Champ app and telephony. 
12. Go to Aide Activity > Aide Schedule. Pull up the patient in the upper right. Make sure the schedule is accurate. You can use the Month View tab to add minutes onto visits as needed to make the monthly hours match authorization (see ‘View Schedule / Update Single Scheduled Entry video). 

EVV - Edit Aide Care Plan

Video: Video details - YouTube Studio

Use these steps for the following reasons:
  • Incorrect or incomplete information was keyed originally. You can use this process if the payer was keyed incorrectly but, note there is a different process if the patient switches payers. 
  • You need to change the times the patient will be seen.

This does not include switching out the aide on the care plan, modifying the care plan dates or changing the payer. It is important to run a separate process to update the aide or care plan dates. EVV - Changing the Aide on the Care Plan / Ending Care Plan Early (barnestorm.biz)

This process will update the plan and the information on the schedules for EVV. 
1. From Aide Activity > Aide Plan select the plan and click on Edit
2. Modify the information that is incorrect. 
3. Click on Create Schedules.
4.  Once the schedules are finished creating click on Save Plan

Note: The Create Schedules button may only appear once valid information has been updated. 

EVV - Changing the Aide on the Care Plan / Ending Care Plan Early

Video: When the Aide Switches on the Aide Plan - YouTube

***IMPORTANT: Do not change the Thru date of the care plan.  The instructions must be following exactly, otherwise app issues will occur.

You should end the existing care plan and copy it to create a new one in the following scenarios:

  • The assigned aide will change permanently 
  • The patient switched payers 
  • Tasks are being added
  • Tasks are being removed 
  • Task descriptions is being updated

1. Go to Aide Activity > Aide Plan. 
2. Click on the active plan. Click Copy. This creates a new plan.
3. On the new plan click on Edit.
4. Change the From and Thru dates and anything else in the plan that changed.
5. Click Create Schedules and then Save Plan. This step creates the schedule for the new plan. 
6. Select the plan that will be discontinued and click the Stop button. Answer Yes to stop the plan. This may take a minute; the entry will change to grey when ready to proceed. 
7. (Optional if plan is not ending on current date) Click the stopped plan and click on Edit. Change the Stopped date to the date the plan will discontinue. 
8. Click on Save Plan. This step will remove future schedules after the Stopped date.

****IMPORTANT: DO NOT REMOVE AIDE PLAN!!!! That is a historical record that provides the tasks & info for every visit note.

EVV - Change date and / or employee on EVV CareChamp App

Video: Change a Scheduled Visit when an Aide Calls Out - YouTube

Use the following steps to update an existing schedule entry to change the date of a visit or the employee who is scheduled to visit the patient.  
These steps will update the EVV Visits screen, Schedule and Care Champ. 

1. Go to Aide Activity > Aide Schedule (or Employee Activity > Schedule). 
2. Pull up the employee or patient. 
3. Right-Click on the schedule that needs updated. Do not double-click or drag to make changes that need to go to EVV. The visit will open.
4. Update the employee and / or the time in date, time out date and change the day of the week at the bottom. 
5. Save & Close. The visit will immediately go to the replacement employee’s app.