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Table of Contents

EVV - Using the EVV Visits Screen

Video: EVVStatus - YouTube

****Please reference the YouTube video on Monitoring EVV Visits for much more detail.****
EVV Visits allows you to see today's scheduled visits and monitor them as employees start and complete their EVV timestamps in the field. We recommend monitoring each day. 

There is a From and To date so you can choose the timeframe you want to monitor. There are also buttons to allow you to see a day, week, or month at a time. Example: If you have a week selected and then click the back arrow button, it will take you to the previous weeks dates. 

Program: dropdown allows you select one program at a time.
Status: gives you the option to filter the list down to one status type. 
Pending = Still needs verified; EVV Verified = Has been sent to an aggregator; Send Failed = has errors that need resolved; Blank = Payer is not Sandata or HHAeXchange payer. 
Show EVV Status: check this box to view the EVV status of the visit.  This shows if the visit was verified with or without issues, pending verification, or has an error that needs attention before it will verify. 
Barnestorm is set up to run the verify nightly around 12:50 AM. It will process the previous two days EVV Visits (visit date). On Saturday it will go back seven days to pick up any late entry visits. Each automated process will pick up any Send Failed visits to attempt another send. Send Failed visits will need corrected by the agency. See the section Resolve Sandata Errors for details.

Verifying Visits

Verify All: Since Barnestorm automatically runs a nightly verify, this only needs to be used if older visits are showing up as Pending or you are correcting send failed visits. 
You can double-click any *Pending* visit to attempt to verify it through Sandata. 

 EVV Status Descriptions

A) The visit started and ended at the patient's home using the Care Champ app or telephony. 

B) The visit was manually keyed into the EVV Visits screen and was verified for completeness. 

The payer on the visit is not required to send to an aggregator. 
The visit was verified as complete using Care Champ, but the location service was not turned on. 

The visit was verified as complete using Care Champ, but the starting and/or ending location was not captured
due to location service turned off. 

The visit is pending to be sent to an aggregator. It will show flagged issues as well.
Non-MCO visits are to Sandata nightly.  
Any starting with Send Failed means the visit failed to send to the aggregator due to incorrect patient,
employee or visit information. A short description of the error will follow. You can see the article for resolving
Sandata errors for full details. 

Status Icon Description         
The patient is scheduled for a visit. The employee has not clocked in yet for the visit. 
The employee has clocked in via Care Champ or Telephony.  The Actual column will show you the time the
employee clocked in. 
A) The employee has clocked out via Care Champ or Telephony.

B) An office staff manually keyed information using the EVV Visits screen.  

The employee forgot to clock out of their previous visit. If they clock in for another visit within 48 hours then the visit
will automatically clock out, capturing the GPS coordinates. 
Each agency decides if they want to use the Late Clock In. You will be able to set the number of minutes considered
as a late clock in. This icon will show up if the visit has not been started yet.
Indicators on how the visit was completed
One of the columns on the EVV Visits screen will show icons on how the visit was started. When a visit is finished there will be two icons: one for clocking in and one for clocking out. 

When you click a visit on EVV Visits, you will see some additional navigation buttons pop up.
All Visits: this is the default and shows all visits for the time frame selected.
Patient Summary: shows all visits for the selected patient for the selected time frame
Emp Summary: shows all visits for the selected employee for the selected time frame
Patient and Emp Summary will show a total of visits, scheduled hours and + - hours at the top and bottom of visit list. 

EVV - EVV Visits Verify

EVV Status: You no longer have the option to check 'Show EVV Status'. The status will automatically load when selecting the EVV Visits screen. The status will show the verification date if verified successfully. If the visit has been sent multiple times it will only show the most recent date. 


Only EVV Payers: Check this box to remove payers that are NOT straight Medicaid where the visits go directly to Sandata. This will remove payers like MCO Medicaid, private insurance, and VA, so that you can focus on straight Medicaid only.


Double-click will send pending visits / resend already verified visits: We have activated the option so that you can send a visit to Sandata with double-clicking. This works a little different than previously. Double-click a visit and you'll see a status on the visit line showing you it is sending (see GIF below). Stay on the EVV Visits screen (do not change dates or patients) until you receive the green verified status or orange Send Failed.

Verify All: This feature has been removed from EVV Visits. 


Edit a visit already verified: After modifying the visit and clicking on the Update Visit button, the verify process will run to send the visit to Sandata.


Other Verify Information


Barnstorm is set up to send visits to Sandata nightly. The weekdays will go back 30 days to pick up visits in the pending, send failed or verified visits that were modified. 


The weekend verification will go back 60 days in case of older visits were completed late or modified. 

Resolve Sandata Errors Article 

EVV - Using the Action Buttons

This section will cover the action buttons located at the top of the EVV Visits screen. 

Add Visit
Be careful using this. If the patient’s payer does not require EVV, then you should NOT use Add to put in visits on EVV Visits. Instead, you will key in those visits from timesheets as you normally would, under Employee Activity.
If the visit you need to enter does not appear on EVV Visits, go and check the Aide Plan and Aide Schedule to determine why the visits aren’t showing.

Use this to add an unexpected visit or a Hospice visit is a good example. Click a visit. Click Schedule to create a new scheduled visit. This allows you to quickly add a visit if one is missing or if the aide is having trouble with one in the field. This will add the schedule to the aides Care Champ app. Watch the video link for detailed steps.
Video: (1) Add a Scheduled EVV Visit - YouTube 

Edit is how you will normally make any changes needed on a visit. 
If the visit is "In-Progress" you will see a Finish button as well. 
Video: (1) Fix EVV Visit to Correct Visit Time - YouTube

Complete any visits where the employee fails to complete the visit using EVV. You will not be able to bill for any visits that were not completed using EVV technologies or this EVV Visit screen. This button will not be visible until the schedule/visit is at least two days old. This is to allow 48 hours for the visit to sync with EVV compliance--clicking Complete before the visit is synced can lower compliance and accuracy levels.
Video: (1) Complete Non-EVV Visits - YouTube

If the visit was cancelled for any reason you can mark it as cancelled/not charged.  These visits do not get send to an aggregator. 
Video: (1) Cancel Visit - YouTube

When an EVV Visit is showing as In-Progress due to aide forgot to clock out after visit, you can finish the visit in Office from the EVV Visits screen.  *Note: All tasks will be marked as completed.  You must edit the visit to mark tasks as not complete.
Video: (1) Complete Visits Aide Forgot to Clock Out of - YouTube

Please see the instructions in the complete manual for how to handle each situation.

If you want to see the visit assessment, click the visit and then click Print.

Remove: CAUTION—do not remove visits unless you’re SURE they’re wrong! They cannot be retrieved!

HH EVV Missed Visit

When a POC user is not able to add a visit or forgets, there will be specific steps to follow. This process will start the visit in Office and then allow the POC to add the documentation. 

From Barnestorm Office go to the EVV Visits screen
A) Select the missed schedule entry and click the Complete button OR
B) If there's not a schedule you can select the patient who had a missed visit.
Click the Add Visit button. 
Add/update the visit information for the date, employee, etc. 
Click on Add Visit

From Point-of-Care
Have the POC user complete a sync to pull the visit over. 
They can go to the Visits/Assessments screen to select the visit, unlock it and click on the Edit icon. 
From here they can document the visit like they usual do and lock it when it's completed. 

EVV - Changing Visits That are Inaccurate

Video: (1) Fix EVV Visit to Correct Visit Time - YouTube
When there is a phone malfunction or other issue, you can modify the visit as needed. This should not be done to “massage” visit times. According to NC DHHS, if the employee goes under or over time, those should be sent as they are and you should modify visits later on that week/month to ensure authorization is met. In other words, DO NOT use this method to FALSIFY times. 

1. On the EVV Visits screen, find the visit that needs the exception and click on it.
2. If the visit has a status of Charged then you will need to unlock it by clicking the padlock icon 
3. Click the Edit button at the top (or Start or Finish if you’re inputting times).
4. Change incorrect information (codes, etc). 
5. Correcting Start and End Times: Check the 'Adjust Times' box and enter the correct times into the 'Adjusted Start' and 'Adjusted End' fields (CAUTION: do NOT adjust times unless there is an issue. Not matching authorization is NOT an acceptable reason).
6. At the bottom of the screen, select the Change Reason: Caregiver error.  For the change memo, you can add something like “Caregiver forgot to clock out.”
7. Click Update Visit to save the changes. This will automatically attempt to verify the visit. 

You could also adjust the payer, job code, or visit type here, but if they are wrong here, they may need corrected on the Aide Plan, as well.

You can also add/edit Tasks on this screen. If the tasks aren’t listed, click Reload Tasks. Then you can Check All.
Uncheck any that were not completed and fill in the reason they were not completed.

EVV - Cancel a Visit from EVV Visits Screen

Video: Cancel Visit - YouTube

You can mark an EVV Visit as cancelled from the EVV Visits screen in Barnestorm Office. These will be non-chargeable and they do not get sent to an aggregator. 

1. Select the visit that needs cancelled.
2. Click the Cancel button.
3. Select the Visit Type reason for the cancellation.
4. The end time automatically changes to match the start time.
5. Add Comments if needed.
6. Click on Update Visit.

Resolve Sandata Errors

From the EVV Visits screen you can check the "Show EVV Status" checkbox to locate any errors that need to be corrected.  The error list
below will walk you through on how to fix errors using Barnestorm Office. 

Note: if the send failed shows with an stx error message, this typically means the EVV Visit was already sent but a response was not received due to timing out. Double clicking the visit will help clear the message. 

Sandata Error Type       What to do  

ClientFirstName Verify invalid characters are not in the patient referral for their name.

*Characters allowed: A-Z ‘ . – space



Invalid Medicaid ID

If the Medicaid HIC number starts with a number other than 9, this is an old Medicaid number.
Contact the patient or NC DHHS to get the new Medicaid ID.

*Ignore If payer is non-Medicaid, or does not need to be sent to Sandata aggregator. 

*Client Medicaid ID value FORMAT: 10 CHAR ALPHANUM.

*Do not use dashes 

*HIC# field is blank or invalid. 

ClientPhone format


Invalid Patient Phone#
Number listed for patient or contact needs to have area code plus 7 digits. You can list phone numbers in home, cell,
or contacts, so if you don't see the incorrectly formatted number in Referral, check Contacts.

*Make sure invalid characters are not used; ie. Letter O instead of number zero.

*Only use dashes, no other characters. Do not use parenthesis around the area code.

*Do not add 1 in front of the phone number.

ClientAddressLine Referral, check for invalid characters in the address in the Referral.

*Characters allowed: Alphanumeric _ . ‘ - # , / space
*Max of 30 characters 

Client Not Found -
Must have been previously
received from payer to be
updated via ALT-EVV
Try double clicking the visit from the EVV Visits screen.  If that does not work then proceed with the following... 

Check the Sandata Aggregator Active Client report to see if the patient has been loaded. 

This is the guidance from NC DHHS for any of your patients that have this error when validating:

If you are experiencing any issues with your clients loading into Sandata or missing clients and have already contacted Sandata Customer Support Team you may send an email to Medicaid.EVV@dhhs.nc.gov.

Include:  Patient Medicaid ID and service (CAP or PCS, for example)

** You will need to open a ticket with Sandata related to this issue.  Please provide Barnestorm with the date and chart so that we can provide Sandata with a JSON file.

Employee SSN  Add nine digits to the employees SSN setup. You can use four 0's plus the last five numbers of the SSN as well.  This is located under Codes > Other Basic Codes > Employee.

Go back to the EVV Visits page and double click on a single entry that did not send.
You can send all employee summary entries or wait for them to get picked up on next scheduled batch.  

Worker not found 


Employee Send Failed
Double click on the entry from the EVV Visits screen to see if it will send successfully.
If so, you can send all employee summary entries or wait for them to get picked up on next scheduled batch.

Codes > Other Basic Codes > Employees: If the employee has credentials in their title,
delete credentials and save then try to send the entry from the EVV Visits screen by double clicking. 




Verify invalid characters are not used in the employee name; Codes > Other Basic Codes > Employee 

*Characters allowed: A-Z ‘ . – space

Error during retrieving service service_id entered 

Compare the job code HCPCS on the EVV Visit to what has been approved for the client. 

The service code must match what was approved from the state.


*Find the job code used on the EVV Visit.  Go to Codes > Rates > Job Codes, enter the program number and job code. 
Verify the HCPCS code matches the approved service code for the patient. 

ProcedureCodeFormat  Verify a valid job code is attached to the visit by previewing the note.

This can be due to no job code or visit code keyed in or a COVID call used.  

The call in cannot be greater than
the call out. 

Edit the visit to verify and correct the started and finished time.   
If CallType = Telephony (IVR), TelephonyPIN and OriginatingPhoneNumber will be required.  Go to the Referral > Start screen to add a valid phone number to the Home Phone field and save information. Go back to EVV Visits and double click the visit with Send Failed error. 

Billing NC Medicaid Home Health Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) in Barnestorm

Overview: The following are basic steps to sending EVV Visit files and creating electronic claims for MCO payers. Note that each section will mention if it pertains to HHAeXchange and/or CareBridge and corresponding MCOs. 

EVV Visit:  EVV Visit in Barnestorm refers to the appropriate documentation for Electronic Visit Verification based on the 21st Century Cures Act. When your agency opts to use Barnestorm as the selected alternate EVV vendor, you agree to use POC with location services to be compliant with EVV requirements. 


Audit EVV Visits
(HHAeXchange and CareBridge)

Monitor EVV Visits Screen: Video

EVV Compliance Report: Article

Audit your EVV info in EVV Visits. This is what gets sent to HHAeXchange (not charges!). So, if there are any missed visits that were actually done, complete them in EVV Visits. If any staff forgot to clock out of EVV, complete those. Make sure all of your EVV Visit information is cleaned up and complete before you do the process below. As needed, use the following report to verify all EVV Visits are complete and not missing: Reports > Audit > 17.37 EVV Compliance. Select the billing dates and the option for EVV Pre-Billing Audit. Make any corrections before proceeding.

Prepare and Send the EVV Visits File to HHAeXchange

HHAeXchange will need to receive EVV Visits file for importing into their system and forwarding to Sandata. This process includes MCOs: Amerihealth, Carolina Complete, United Healthcare, Wellcare, ECBI (as well as any new MCOs added).

Note: The HHAeXchange password may need updated every 90 days.  You will update your password through HHAeXchange and then update it in Barnestorm, from Barnestorm from Billing > HIPAA Transactions > HHAeXchange/CareBridge > Edit HHAeXchange SFTP Credentials. 

Note regarding authorizations: most Medicaid MCOs require authorizations. Provider is responsible for contacting MCO, obtaining authorization, putting authorization number into Barnestorm, and asking MCO to transmit authorization to HHAeXchange. 
EVV - Add Authorization Dates and Hours (barnestorm.biz)

HHAeXchange PDF with common errors: Click here

1. Go to Billing > HIPAA Transactions > HHAeXchange/CareBridge.  Please note that if you have not supplied Barnestorm with your HHAeXchange SFTP credentials, you need to do so before this will work. There is a button on this screen that allow you to change them in Barnestorm.
2. From the HHAeXchange File Create tab - Change the from and thru date to match the dates you've cleaned up and prepared in EVV Visits. The From date that shows up is the date after the thru date of the last file sent to them, so unless you are re-doing a file, it should be correct.
3. Click the Select EVV Visits button.
4. If there are any issues, an error report will pop up. Print or save this so you can solve those issues and send those visits later. Reasons the visit shows up on the error report: 1) the visit was not imported yet. 2) the visit was manually keyed into the system, meaning it is not an EVV Visit.
5. The visits that are ready to send will appear in the main part of the screen.  IMPORTANT: Look these over, because if there are issues, you need to go back to EVV Visits and fix them before you complete. the rest of this process!
6. Click the button to Prepare the Import File. What this does is takes all the EVV info on the screen and prepares a file that will go to HHAeXchange in the format they need to import the EVV visits. 
7. A pop-up will appear. NOTE: If you click Yes, the file you created will automatically be sent to HHAeXchange right now. If you click No, the file was still created but will not send. So, if you're ready to send the info to HHAeXchange, click Yes.

You have completed the process to upload your EVV visits to HHAeXchange. The file gets sent to HHAeXchange automatically. 

HHAeXchange takes 24-48 hours to process files. 
To check your visits, wait 24-48 hours and then check the HHAeXchange portal. 

Resend Visits When They Had Error
To re-send visits that had an error on HHAeXchange: 
1. View the error: go to Status of HHAeXchange and CareBridge Uploads and then click the file with the error (it will say ERROR on status). You can print or save the status file. VIewing the status file marks the visits that errored so that you can re-send them.
2. Go back to HHAeXchange File Create tab. Pull up the From and Thru dates.
3. Click Prepare the Import File and click Yes to send. 

Resend Corrected Visits When Already Sent
To re-send visits that were sent incorrectly: 
1. Pull up the From and Thru dates
2. Click the Only Previously Sent EVV box. 
3. Click Prepare the Import File and click Yes to send. 

Status of HHAeXchange and CareBridge Uploads

If a file transmitted shows a Status with ERROR, you can select the file to pull up a report that will give you a brief description of errors related to the visit.  At this time, those visits not accepted will be marked as available to process from the HHAeXchange File Create again (without selecting Only Previously Sent EVV). You will want to fix any errors from the report before you attempt to re-send to HHAeXchange or CareBridge.

1. From Billing > HIPAA Transactions > HHAeXchange/CareBridge, go to the Status of HHAeXchange and CareBridge Uploads tab.
2. Select the file with the error status.
3. A report will appear with the errors listed. Optional to print. Click on Close. Attached is a PDF with common errors (scroll to bottom).
4. At this time any that were not accepted will re-appear on the Select EVV Visits list to resend. 

Error Message
Agency is not linked with Payer = the enrollment process with the MCO has not been completed yet. HHAeXchange or the MCO would have sent you instructions on how to complete, Barnestorm does not have this information. 

Create Report of All Files Sent to HHAX
Use the starting transmission date to print a detailed list of EVV Visits sent. The date is based on the transmission date and will include all files starting with that date going forward. At this time any that were not accepted will re-appear on the Select EVV Visits list to resend.

HHAeXchange has said that they will send Medicaid Managed Care EVV info to MCOs for billing.

Follow Claim Status on MCO Portals

Once the electronic claims(s) are sent to Change HealthCare, they are processed and sent to the MCO. You will follow the progress of the claim status on the MCO portal. If you have questions about your MCO claims, please contact the MCO. Barnestorm is not involved in MCO claim processing and is unable to give you updates on that. If you need help with the MCO portal, please contact the MCO.

Providers have reported that United HealthCare and Carolina Complete are paying claims normally, but that Amerihealth and Healthy Blue are much slower. MCOs will pay you directly using the method you set up with them when you registered.

Prepare and Send the EVV Visits File to CareBridge

CareBridge will need to receive EVV Visits file for Healthy Blue. This is the only MCO using this method.

CareBridge PDF with common errors: Click Here

Note regarding authorizations: each Healthy Blue patient must have authorization number keyed in on Authorizations in Barnestorm. 
If one patient is missing a valid authorization, then check the box 'Exclude Patients With Missing Authorizations' before proceeding with steps. EVV - Add Authorization Dates and Hours (barnestorm.biz)

1. Go to Billing > HIPAA Transactions > HHAeXchange/CareBridge. Click the CareBridge File Create tab at the top.
2. Change the from and thru date to match the dates you've cleaned up and prepared in EVV Visits.
3. Click the Select EVV Visits button.
4. If there are any issues, an error report will pop up. Print or save this so you can solve those issues and send those visits later.
5. The visits that are ready to send will appear in the main part of the screen.

IMPORTANT: Look these over, because if there are issues, you need to go back to EVV Visits and fix them before you complete the rest of this process!
6. Click the button to Prepare the Import File. What this does is takes all the EVV info on the screen and prepares a file that will go to CareBridge in the format they need to import the EVV visits. 
7. A pop-up will appear. NOTE: If you click Yes, the file you created will automatically be sent to CareBridge right now. If you click No, the file was still created but will not send. So, if you're ready to send the info to CareBridge, click Yes.

You have complete the process to upload your EVV visits to CareBridge. The file gets sent to CareBridge automatically. CareBridge takes about 3 hours to process files. They provide a response file for each upload.

EVV data sent to CareBridge will be converted to claims and forwarded by CareBridge to Healthy Blue. Use Availity to access the Healthy Blue info to see if CareBridge actually created a claim and sent it to Healthy Blue; and if so, get the 835 electronic remittance from Availity (which can take up to 30 days). If EVV data sent to CareBridge does not generate a claim, please contact CareBridge for support.

To re-send visits that were sent incorrectly: Pull up the dates, click the Prepare the Import File, click Yes to send (re-sending overwrites, there is no need to mark as replacement).

If you need to void a visit because it shouldn't have been sent, pull it up, check the box to Select One Visit to Void, and select the visit by clicking on it.

Our understanding is that CareBridge creates the 837 from the EVV Visits you upload and sends them to Healthy Blue. However, this is for providers to verify with CareBridge and Healthy Blue, as Barnestorm is not involved in that part of the process.

Healthy Blue will pay you directly using the method you set up with them when you registered.

NC PCS PHP Medicaid Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) in Barnestorm

Barnestorm has set up new payers for each Medicaid MCO in each of your programs:
Amerihealth: 870
Carolina Complete Health: 890 
Healthy Blue (BCBS): 860 
United Healthcare: 880 
Wellcare: 840 
ECBI: 899

You can run eligibility for your current patients switching to Managed Care, and then add the MCO:
-Add the new payer that represents that patient's MCO into Referral Payers.
-Discharge the current Medicaid payer(s) as of June 30, 2021 (or whenever the patient switched).
This means that all new visits will be under the new MCO payer in Barnestorm.

For any Medicaid MCO, the first payer on the patient's referral should be the MCO, and that HIC should be their payer ID for the MCO. The second payer should be NC Medicaid and the HIC should be their Medicaid HIC. Some MCOs use the Medicaid HIC and some do not, but NC Medicaid should always be the secondary payer for all Medicaid MCOs--this allows you to check eligibility with NC Tracks through Barnestorm, which allows you to see if & when Medicaid MCOs change--we recommend running eligibility at least once a month for NC Medicaid & MCOs.

Note that the Medicaid HIC goes into HIC# by default. 
If the MCO does not identify the patient by the Medicaid ID, then you will need to put the MCO number into the HIC # (removing the Medicaid number).
Healthy Blue uses the Healthy Blue ID in HIC, and you can use the MCO# for the 
Medicaid HIC#.

Health plans

For health plan questions, or to learn more about covered services, contact the health plan.

WellCare (Standard Plan)


WellCare is offered statewide.

UnitedHealthcare Community Plan (Standard Plan)


UnitedHealthcare Community Plan is offered statewide.

Healthy Blue (Standard Plan)


Healthy Blue is offered statewide.

AmeriHealth Caritas (Standard Plan)


AmeriHealth Caritas is offered statewide.

Carolina Complete Health (Standard Plan)


Carolina Complete Health is a provider-led entity offered to people who live in these counties: Alamance, Alexander, Anson, Bladen, Brunswick, Cabarrus, Caswell, Catawba, Chatham, Cleveland, Columbus, Cumberland, Durham, Franklin, Gaston, Granville, Harnett, Hoke, Iredell, Johnston, Lee, Lincoln, Mecklenburg, Montgomery, Moore, Nash, New Hanover, Orange, Pender, Person, Richmond, Robeson, Rowan, Sampson, Scotland, Stanly, Union, Vance, Wake, Warren, Wilson.

Alliance Health (Tailored Plan)


Alliance Health is available in these counties: Cumberland, Durham, Johnston, Mecklenburg, Orange, Wake.

Eastpointe (Tailored Plan)


Eastpointe is available in these counties: Duplin, Edgecombe, Greene, Lenoir, Robeson, Sampson, Scotland, Warren, Wayne, Wilson.

Partners Health Management (Tailored Plan)


Partners Health Management is available in these counties: Burke, Cabarrus, Catawba, Cleveland, Davie, Forsyth, Gaston, Iredell, Lincoln, Rutherford, Stanly, Surry, Union, Yadkin.

Sandhills Center (Tailored Plan)


Sandhills Center is available in these counties: Anson, Davidson, Guilford, Harnett, Hoke, Lee, Montgomery, Moore, Randolph, Richmond, Rockingham.

Trillium Health Resources (Tailored Plan)


Trillium Health Resources is available in these counties: Beaufort, Bertie, Bladen, Brunswick, Camden, Carteret, Chowan, Columbus, Craven, Currituck, Dare, Gates, Halifax, Hertford, Hyde, Jones, Martin, Nash, New Hanover, Northampton, Onslow, Pamlico, Pasquotank, Pender, Perquimans, Pitt, Tyrrell, Washington.

Vaya Health (Tailored Plan)


Vaya Health is available in these counties: Alamance, Alexander, Alleghany, Ashe, Avery, Buncombe, Caldwell, Caswell, Chatham, Cherokee, Clay, Franklin, Graham, Granville, Haywood, Henderson, Jackson, Macon, Madison, McDowell, Mitchell, Person, Polk, Rowan, Stokes, Swain, Transylvania, Vance, Watauga, Wilkes, Yancey.

The Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians (EBCI) Tribal Option


The EBCI Tribal Option is for federally recognized tribal members or others who qualify for services through Indian Health Service (IHS) and live in Buncombe, Clay, Cherokee, Graham,Haywood, Henderson, Jackson, Macon, Madison, Swain or Transylvania counties. As a member of the EBCI Tribal Option, you can  get services from any NC Medicaid provider.

NC Medicaid Direct


NC Medicaid Direct is for members who qualify.

Other resources

NC Medicaid Contact Center

Phone: 1-888-245-0179

Website: medicaid.ncdhhs.gov/contact

NC Medicaid Ombudsman

Phone: 1-877-201-3750

Website: ncmedicaidombudsman.org

North Carolina Medicaid Application

Website: medicaid.ncdhhs.gov/medicaid/get-started/apply-for-medicaid-or-health-choice