Update ID: 901

Update Status: Published

Barnestorm Publisher

Version: Office Version 1.2021.0917.0

9/17/2021 10:00:50 AM

Office Production Publish Comments for version 1.2021.0917.0

31701-POC > Visits/Assessments: Added Short Physical Performance Battery (SPPB) Test to assessment. Initial setup must be complete before it will show up. Send a request to Barnestorm customer service for additional information.

33585-Codes > Diagnosis Codes: Update PDGMICD table.

33638-Billing > Reports > 02.34: Fixed to find the correct Job Code when importing from Sandata.

33702-Reports > Hospice > 19.04: Change SNF option to Inpatient Setting for Q5002 ? Q5006; Added option for Summary By Payer/Revenue/HCPCS.

33733-Reports > Audit > 17.36: Added options to Check EVV Sched vs Actual Time; Print Times and Compressed Columns; Expanded the columns in Excel and added more text to print in comments.

33752-Reports > Patients > 01.06: Sped up the report print; Restricted Order By options based on Report Content.

33900-Employee Activity > Fix Payer/Jb Code/Chart: Fixed error when updating supplies.

33902-Reports > A/R > 05.30: Fixed to only include payers that have non-PPS payments set up (Codes > Rates > NonPPSReimbursement).

33924-Billing >HIPAA Transactions > HHAeXchange: Added a check to prevent using the Adjustment option unless they have the TRN Number.

33925-Codes > County Codes: Updated CBSA Wage Indexes.

33926-Reports > Billing > 13.20: Updated CBSA Wage Index 2022.

33927-Select Oasis: Allowing of unlocking an Oasis tied to a PPS Episode that started after 2020 without canceling the RAP.

33931-Reports > Patient > 01.41 Next Supervisory Visit Due: Fixed for CAP/PCS set to 90 days, for HH shows days for each supervised discipline.