Update ID: 952

Update Status: Published

Barnestorm Publisher

Version: Office Version 1.2022.0510.0

5/10/2022 4:18:58 AM

Office Production Publish Comments for version 1.2022.0510.0

36032-Reports > Audit > 17.35 Print Expiring Authorizations: Fixed sequence by payer to break correctly and complete the report title.

36035-Reports > Audit > 17.34: Added a column to show the number of days the patient was in a facility; This will exclude days when calculating authorized hours.

36036-Reports > Billing > 02.34 Match Charges/Patients: Option G, Added an option to include CAP Aide and Respite mismatches.

36044-A/R > Process Electronic Remit > Improve search for the patient and payer when the information is missing from the 835 files; payers like VA/Optum, United, and PHPs/MCOs.

36051-POC > Transfer: Fixed the location of the Edit Facility History button so it is available on wide monitors.