Update ID: 956

Update Status: Published

Barnestorm Publisher

Version: Office Version 1.2022.0603.0

6/3/2022 9:38:38 AM

Office Production Publish Comments for version 1.2022.0603.0

36008-Billing > Reports > 14.03 > Fix the process for Search for the Oasis that Matches the RAP dated after 12/31/2020 that was sent using DocId @@ to leave the RAP Amount at one penny for 2022 episodes that use NOA.

36045-A/R > Reports > 05.15 A/R Balances: Added options for Show PPS and non-PPS totals which adds a column for PPS Expected, and for NC Medicaid PHP Payers Only.

36100-Billing > Print UB04/1500 Claims > Add ability to see PPS claims that had been cancelled; change how the employee filter works; add more info to the claim selections

36111-Office > Medicaid Weekly and Monthly: Updated the code field to allow codes without leading zero(s) being required; employee, patient, job code, and visit status code.

36135-Codes > Other Basic Codes > County: Added a button to Verify Oasis; Improved the Oasis update process.

36186-Reports > Misc > 21.13 Aide Time Sheet: Fixed the Program and Payer filters to include all patient payers.