Update ID: 988

Update Status: Published

Barnestorm Publisher

Version: Office Version 1.2022.1108.0

11/8/2022 1:05:04 PM

Office Production Publish Comments for version 1.2022.1108.0

37033-Office > OASIS: Added new components for OASIS E effective 1/1/2023. We will release a video on how to test OASIS E items ahead of time. This is for Barnestorm Office only. Point of Care will be released at a different time.

37420-Billing > HIPAA Transactions > Edit HIPAA Payers: Added a new option for All Claims TOB = 0323 and claim status = 30.

37438-Reports > Accounts Receivable > 05.15: Added a column to show the oldest unpaid balance.

37458-EVV Visits: Fix added for saving tasks and times when visit is updated.