Update ID: 990

Update Status: Published

Barnestorm Publisher

Version: Office Version 1.2022.1118.0

11/18/2022 5:17:24 AM

Office Production Publish Comments for version 1.2022.1118.0

37119-Reports > Oasis > 13.29 HH Quality: Added an option for Details to Home Health Quality Measures – Potentially Avoidable Events.

37360-Reports > Hospice > 19.04: Added an option to Summary by Payer / Revenue / HCPCS to Include non-835 Payers.

37435-Reports > Oasis > 13.17 OASIS Transfers: Updated to only use Oasis from the last 2 years (version 02.31+).

37436-Reports > Oasis > 13.39: Updated the Pain and Wound grouping names.

37463-A/R > Post electronic payments: Added an adjustment code 94 Processed in Excess of charges to the list of codes that will create an adjustment.

37521-Select Patient: Added date of birth and HIC# to the patient info at the top left of the screen.

37524-POC > Visits/Assessments > Start: For Hospice Recerts, allow 14 days instead of 5.