Add Surgery Codes for a Patient

1. Select a patient on the first Barnestorm screen by typing in either the patient’s chart number or the first 3 letters of their last or first name.

2. Click the patient’s name to select him or her.

3. From Barnestorm Office click the Patient Histories button from the Main Menu. A menu will pop up right underneath that, and from there you will select Surgery History.

4. For the Surgery Date, click on the drop down arrow to select the date for the new surgery. Or type in the date that you desire. This will be the date of the visit to your patient, when you determined that the condition of the patient has changed. This occurs most frequently on a resumption of care after an inpatient stay.

5. Enter the surgery by number if you know it, or you can type a word into the description and you will get a list of all codes that contain that word.

6. Click the Save button and the surgery code should appear in the grid of surgery codes. 

7. As needed, click on Add a New Surgery Code to add more surgeries.  Repeat steps 4 - 7 to add another code.