Cancelling An EOE Claim in Barnestorm

Sometimes you will need to cancel an EOE claim due to RAP recoupment or OASIS/POC billing errors. Note:  If you had to cancel the claim electronically (in DDE), you may want to wait for Medicare to finish processing the cancel before you complete the following steps.

1. Click the Billing button from the Main Menu.

2. Click the PPS Billing item at the top left of the screen.

3. Select Edit PPS Episodes.

4. At the search field in the top left, enter the patient chart number.

5. Select the episode you wish to cancel in the upper part of the screen.

6. Click the Cancel this EOE Claim button near the middle of the screen. A pop up will appear "Are you sure you want to cancel this EOE Claim?"  Hit Yes.  This will cancel the EOE claim so that it regenerates for billing.

7. The EOE will now appear in the End of Episode Claims screen for billing.

Note:  If you need to Cancel A Batch of Claims, you can click on the hyperlink to access those instructions.