Cancel Billing Transmission

1. Click the Billing button from the Main Menu.

2. Click the HIPAA Transactions item at the top left of the screen.

3. Select Edit Serial Numbers.

4. Select the transmission you wish to cancel in the list.

5. Click the Cancel Serial# button on the right side of the screen.

 One instance where you would want to cancel a serial number is:
A batch has been created, in error, and the transmission needs to be cancelled.

A second instance would be:  
A batch has been created, only for purposes of printing off a claim.  In this instance, you also have the option to mark that transmission as "Change To   "Transmitted,Accepted."”

6.  Click Exit in the upper right.

NOTE:  This cancels the billing transmission in Barnestorm.  If you have already created the transmission in Barnestorm and have submitted it to the payer, you will need to follow procedures to cancel claim(s) with the payer.