Print Labels for Patient/Doctor/Employee

From the first screen (Select Patient) in Barnestorm Office, click on the Print Pt/Dr/Empl Labels button near the top right.

Create Labels for Multiple Patients

  1. On the patient labels screen, you'll see a checkbox labeled Build a List of Patients.
  2. Check that box, and then click on Select a Patient.
  3. Begin selecting the patients by chart# or name.
  4. Each time you click on a patient's name they will be added to the list of labels. 
  5. Continue to search for patient's to print until all have been added.
  6. To view the list of selected patients, click on the View List button.
  7. If you see a patient you don't want, click on the name in that panel and it will be removed from the list.
  8. Click the View List button again to hide that panel.
  9. When the selected list is ready, click on Print Labels and select the format, number of labels, and starting label number. Note that there is a long list of formats-to find the one you want, scroll down.
  10. Use the button on the left Create Pt Labels as Selected Above to print the list.
  11. The list remains active, so it you preview the labels and don't like something, use the View List and Select Patient buttons to continue with the same list.

Create Labels for All Active Patients

  1. Check the box for "Active" patients.
  2. Change the From and Thru date to todays date.
  3. Select the label type and the label format.
  4. Click on the button "Create Pt Labels as Selected Above".

Create Labels for One Patient

  1. If you already have the patient selected from the Select Patient screen, then click on the button Print Labels for Last, First name.
  2. If you need to change the patient name, click on Select a Patient and enter the chart number. This will not select discharged patients. You will need to go back to Select Patient screen to select discharge patients.
  3. You can also print doctor labels for the selected patient by clicking on the Create Labels – This Patient’s Doctor.

Create Labels for All Active Employees
In the Employees text area, type in the word ALL (caps) and then click on Print Employee labels as Selected Above.

Create Labels for Selected Employees

  1. Enter the employees four digit code in the Employee text area.
  2. If you want to select multiple employees separate the codes with a comma; ie. 0001,0002,0005.
  3. Click on Print Employee Labels as Selected Above.

Create Labels All Active Doctors
Click on the button Create Labels – All Active Doctors.

Create Labels for Select Doctors

  1. In the Doctors text area, type in the doctor's four digit code.
  2. If you want to select multiple doctors, separate the codes with a comma; ie. 0513,0514,0520.
  3. Click on Print Doctor Labels as Selected Above.