View Recent Visits in Barnestorm Office

From the Main Menu in Barnestorm Office you can view the most recent visits. The default number of days to look back is 14. You can change this number as needed. After the number has been changed click on the Recent Visits tab. A list of visits will appear in order by date. This will also show the status of the assessment: Incomplete, Completed, Locked, Locked and Charged (for visits created in Barnestorm Point-of-Care).  This list will show any assessment that is in the incomplete status, regardless of the visit date. 

When you click on a visit you have an option to Print Visit or Print Med Sheet for that patient. You can also print that list of visits by clicking on the Print button next to the Look Back days.

*Note: Some visits do not show up on this list.  We have a global setting that will exclude certain payers from the Visit/Assessment screen.  The Global Setting can be found under Barnestorm Office > Security > Global Setting, under the Visit Entry category, number 1560.  The letters listed in that field are the PayClass setup from the payers screen.  Any payers with the PayClass letter listed in this field will be excluded.  You can modify this list as needed.  The PayClass can be found under Barnestorm Office > Codes > Program Related Codes > Payer Codes.

What does the status mean?

Incomplete=  The assessment has a time in but does not have a time out.

Completed =The assessment has a time in, time out but has not been locked.

Locked = The assessment has both time in and out and has been locked.

Locked+Chg =The assessment has been locked by the employee and has been prepped by an office staff for billing.

When the assessment is Locked it applies the employees electronic signature to the note (if the electronic signature is used at your agency).