Void A Claim

Medicare claims are cancelled directly in DDE.

Medicaid claims, however, may be voided directly from Barnestorm. Each medicaid claim sent for each patient has a unique identifying number, called an ICN.

You need to void a claim when the original claim that was transmitted was incorrect due to incorrect information. If the claim will be replaced, please follow the instructions for Replacement Claims. If the claim will NOT be replaced, you will void the claim.

Here are the steps to void a Medicaid claim:

1.Go to Accounts Receivable > ICN Edit.

2.Enter the patient's chart number.

3.If the patient has more than one payer, select the payer.

4.The ICNs are listed on the right, showing From Date, Through Date, Paid Date, and ICN number. Determine which ICN needs to be voided based on the dates.

5.Click the ICN number for the claim you wish to void.

6.Change the 7 to an 8 for void.

7.Make a note of the from and through dates.

8.Click Save.

9.If the dates you need to replace are NOT listed, this is because when the claim was posted in Accounts Receivable > Post Payments > Post Medicaid ERA, the Save ICNs for Rebills button was NOT clicked when the payments were posted. Click this button when posting payments to be sure to save a record of ICNs. However, if the ICN you need to replace is not there, you can enter it manually using these steps:

A.Click the Add a New ICN Entry button. 

B.Enter the information from your paper copy of the remittance advice: payment date, from date, through date, and ICN number. 

C.Change the 7 to an 8 for void. 

D.Click the Save button. 

E.Your ICN entry will now appear in the list; make a note of the from and through dates and continue the steps in this process.

10.Go to Billing > All Other Billing.

11.Enter the from date and through date EXACTLY as they appeared on the claim you wish to replace.

12.Enter the patient chart number.

13.Prepare charges.

14.****Check the box beside Send as replacement claims.**** THIS STEP IS IMPORTANT****

15.Create HIPAA Tx.

16.Go back to Accounts Receivable > ICN Edit. You should seethe batch number beside of the ICN number you just created a claim for. Make sure it has an 8, for void.

17.Transmit to Medicaid as normal--the transmission process is exactly the same to void a claim as for a regular claim.

Advanced Information:

the 837 file has information regarding the claim:

on the line starting CLM* , after the :: there is a number--

1 =original claim

7 =replacement claim

8= void claim (If the number 8 does not show, you did not create a void claim.)

line after the CLM* has the ICN number.