Manage Your Scheduled Visits in POC

This feature allows you to move visits scheduled for a patient onto your schedule when you are in the field.

Log into Barnestorm Point of Care; you'll see the Select Patient screen.
Look up a patient by first name, last name, or chart number. Select the patient.
In the bottom panel of the screen, find the Recent Visits tab. Beside of it is the Scheduled Visits tab--click this tab.

To move a visit from another clinician's schedule to yours, simply click the scheduled visit and then click the Take button. The visit is now on your schedule.

***Please ensure you have the correct patient and visit selected before you click the Take button, as this will impact other clinicians if you make a mistake.***

To add a new scheduled visit, click the New button and you will get the schedule window to create a new scheduled visit. Click the Save and Close button.

When you have changed the schedule as you wish, you may click the My Schedules button in the upper right area of the screen to see your schedule with the changes you made.

If buttons on the Scheduled Visits tab are not available, that means you do not have permission to perform this function. Ask your supervisor for permission if needed.