Select Patient Options in Barnestorm Office

Print 485 Calendar

For patients that have 485’s created, this option will print the selected patient’s current episode in calendar form.  It gives you a blank space to write in discipline frequencies at the top.  The calendar displays the episode dates only –this is a blank calendar to be printed and used to write on as needed.

Check the box Next Cert to print the next 485episode period.  This feature will notwork if no 485 has been created yet.

Print Recert Worksheet

This feature is like the above Print 485 Calendar but it also include the text from the current 485 and verbal orders.

Print Pt/Dr/Empl Labels

Read this article on how to print different labels.  Print Labels for Patient/Doctor/Employee 

Recent Visits

This will show you the most recent visits that have been keyed into Barnestorm Office Visit Entry screen or the assessments from Point of Care.  For Point of Care assessments, this will include the status that the visit note is in (Completed, Locked).  Recent Visits in Barnestorm Office

Print Visit

When a visit is selected you can print it from the Select Patient screen. 

Recent Referrals

View the most recent referrals that have been entered into Barnestorm.  View Recent Referrals


View the most recent scheduled entries.  You can view up to 14 days in the past by entering – and the number of days to look back and click on the Schedules button.  You can enter a program number to filter the schedules down to a specific program.  Track Time In / Out on Schedule from Main Menu

Print Med Sheets

The Print Med Sheets window box will appear for the selected patient.  You can print medication list –the same as what’s in the Med History screen.

Recent Orders

Pulls up the most recent orders that have been entered in Barnestorm Office or Point of Care.


Recent CCNs

Pulls up the most recent Care Coordination Notes that have been entered in Barnestorm Office or Point of Care.

Expiring 485s

Pull up active patients with upcoming expiring 485s due.


Print any page that shows up in the Select Patient screen.

Look Back

The default days to view each option is 14 days.  Change the number to meet your needs.  For the schedule feature 14 will allow you to look 14 days ahead and -14 allows you to look 14 back.  You can only go back 14 days for the schedule feature.   If you want to only view information for one day you can add an asterisk (*) after the number.  Example:  If you want to view referrals entered four days ago you would enter 4* and then click on Recent Referrals.  The asterisk will work for any of the "Recent" buttons and the Pending button.  Enter 00 to pull up only the current dates entries.  When the Save These Settings is checked, it will remember your previous Look Back number and save it. 

PPS Episodes

This will show color coded episodes for payers that use the 30 and 60 day PDGM requirements.  For active patients it will pull episodes where the Thru date is no more than 10 days ago.  You can also use the discharge bullet 0-90 and 0-365 Days to pull up older episodes.  You can sort the columns by Patient Name, Tm, Payer, Status, From Date, Thru Date, $Amount, Visits, Sched, LUPA or Color.

When you click on Print it will automatically pull up a spreadsheet.

Visits = The number of visits completed

Sched = The number of schedules planned

LUPA = LUPA limit for visits

Color = See legend below

Gray = future episode; Green = episode started and number of visits completed meets LUPA limit; Yellow = episode started and number of visits does not yet meet LUPA limit but if the scheduled visits get completed then it will; Red = episode started and completed + scheduled visits will not meet the LUPA limit

Episodes that do not meet the LUPA limit will be paid at the national per-visit rate, per CMS: