View My Schedules in Barnestorm POC

From the Main Menu in Barnestorm Point-of-Care click on My Schedules. When you click on this button, a list will appear that shows your scheduled visits in date and time order, with the soonest listed first. 

Date/Time              Chart#    Patient Name                   Pg/Pyr   Job   Type       Comments
Thu  08/03  12:30      121212     James Brown 01/001   001    11        scheduled visit
Fri   08/04  2:30      141414     Annie Brown 01/001   001    11        scheduled visit

To start a visit from here, click on it in this list (shown above) and it will give you the option to Start the Visit by clicking at the top (shown below).
*******  Click Here To Start This Visit  ******* 
121212    Brown, James
78 year old Black Male born on 01/11/1934
SSN=222-33-4444 Phone# 999-555-1111
Visit Scheduled for Employee 0001 Nurse Barnes, RN
Assessment Type: 11 Scheduled Visit
          Payer: 01/006 BCBS
            Job: 01/001: RN Visit
   Visit Status: 01/001: I E V