Medicine / ICD / Surgery Codes Do Not Print On the 485

When a 485 is created, it pulls the ICD codes, surgery codes and medications based on the date in the history.  Barnestorm uses a system where it will pull information based on the most recent date, when dated on or before the 485 From date.  Here are some recommended troubleshooting tips if any medicines, ICD codes, or Surgery Codes do not print onto the 485:

1.      Verify that a History has been established for the patient.

        a.      For Surgery History, go to Patient Histories > Surgery History 

        b.      For ICD History, go to Patient Histories > ICD History

        c.      For Med History, go to Patient Histories > Med History


****If there is a From Date, proceed with Step 2.


2.        Verify that the “From Date” is on or before the episode start date.  For example:  Patient was admitted on 08/12/13.  The “From Date” of the ICD history is 08/14/13.   The ICD codes will not appear on the 485, because the history started after the 485 effective date.  Another example is if the admit date is incorrect, the medication effective dates may be dated correctly but the admit date is incorrect. Correct the admit date on the referral and start with step C below.  

        a.      If the From Date (ICD History) is incorrect, you can use the Add A New Date field to type in the correct date, then press the New Date button. This will create those same codes under the correct date.  Next, you will highlight the incorrect date, then press the Delete Date button to remove the incorrect From Date entry.  Make sure the From Date is on or before the 485 date.

        b.      Save your changes.

        c.      Go back to the 485 and select Edit.

        d.      Verify that the codes show up.  Exit the 485.  Make sure you select Yes to save the changes. 

        e.      Select Preview/Print.  The codes should appear now. 

3.    Make sure the medication is in the Barnestorm medication database.  If the medication is not in our database then it will not appear on the 485.

        a.    Go to the Med History screen.

        b.    Click on Check for Duplicated or Unknown Meds.

        c.    If any medications show up as not in the database then you will need to fix the medication using the steps in this article:  Fix Medication

        d.    Rebuild the 485 after all medications are correct. 

4.    If you made changes, AFTER the 485 was created, you will need to Edit the 485 for those changes to appear on the Print/Preview. 

       a.     Pull up the Patient on the Select Patient screen

       b.     Click the 485 tab

       c.     Select the 485 episode period

       d.     Click the Edit tab

       e.     Verify that the "changed information" appears on the screen.

       f.      Exit/Resave the 485.  The text should now appear.

**If this does not resolve your issue, please start a chat and one of our technicians will assist you. 

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