14.16 Episodes With Visit Counts Different From EOE

This report will display any visits that have been added/modified after the EOE has been created.  The following information will appear in this report:  Chart Number, Patient Name, From Date of episode, Payer, Amount Paid (if applicable), EOE Date, Date the visit was changed, Number of visits on the EOE, Actual number of visits made, the CBSA code and the Batch Number.

To access this report, go to Reports > Billing > 14.16 Visits After EOE.  

How To Run The Report:
a.  Enter the From and Thru date 
b.  Enter a Program number or a Payer number, or leave blank to view all

How to Print The Report: 
There are several print options listed, select the appropriate one:

a.  Print by From Date
b.  Print by Patient Name
c.  Print by Payer/From Date
d.  Print by Payer/Patient Name

- Click Print to pull up the report.  You also have the option to Print as Landscape, and Export to Excel.  Click either option, then hit the Print button.

If you get a popup that says "None Found," that means no visits have been modified after EOE has been created.  Hit Ok and the pop up will disappear.

The option to check for supplies is no longer an option, since the supplies no longer changes the HIPPS code.