Upload Cloud Documents

The following are instructions for logging into your Cloud account and uploading already scanned documents into Patient Histories > Documents. 

1.  Login Screen - Enter your user name and complex password and press the Enter key or click Log In Now

2. Select a patient by name or chart number.  Works like the Select Patient screen where you select active or active and discharged status.  
- Select active or discharge patients from the drop down list: Active Only = patients who are currently active, 0-90 Days = active patients AND patients who were discharged within the last 90 days; 0-365 Days = active patients AND patients who were discharged within the last 365 days; 0-9999 Days = active patients AND patients who were discharge within the last 9999 days. 
- Enter the chart number or start to type in the patient's first or last name.
- Select the patient from the list that appears. 

3.  The folders will automatically appear for each patient.  Select the folder you want to upload a file to (from the left pane) then click on the Upload Files button.

4.  Select Choose Files to upload, locate the files where they are saved and double click on the file and it will upload quickly.  

5.  You'll see the file in the right pane.  Double click on the file to open it. 

You can also save a preview document straight into Cloud.

1.  Preview any documented needed.  At the top of the preview you will see a task bar for the Cloud Uploader. 
2.  Select the folder you want to save the document to from the top down box.  
3.  Key in a File Name. 
4.  Click the Upload Document

Fix for image files that throw an error when trying to open from Documents: Go to Start, click Settings > System > Apps & Features and click on "Photos" app. Under Advanced options, you'll find the reset button and this will allow you to reset the App.