21.14 Overlapping Schedules

This feature will work for agencies who fully rely on the scheduling system to map out employee visits. It will show overlapping schedules by patient or employee. It is typically prepared for the upcoming week so that the scheduler or the employee will have time to correct the scheduled times.

Reports > Misc > 21.14 Overlapping Schedules

From / Thru dates = Starting and ending schedule dates
Program(s) = filter out programs or leave blank for all 

Print/Delete Future Schedules Dated After the Discharge Date
Once you select this option, a report will generate if there are any schedules in the system for patients that have already been discharged. Printing the report is optional, if you want to review the data first. 

Once you close out of the report a pop-up box will appear asking if you want to delete the future schedules.  Click on Yes if you are certain or No if you need to research the data first. You can return to delete those schedules later.