EVV Visits Screen - Quick Reference

This guide is intended to be a quick reference to some of the features on the EVV Visits screen.

 EVV Status Descriptions    

A) The visit started and ended at the patient's home using the Care Champ app or telephony. 

B) The visit was manually keyed into the EVV Visits screen and was verified for completeness. 

The payer on the visit is not required to send to an aggregator. 
The visit was verified as complete using Care Champ, but the location service was not turned on. 

The visit was verified as complete using Care Champ, but the starting and/or ending location
was not captured at the patient's home. Flagged warnings will appear if visit was started outside
the five mile radius of patient home. 1) Make sure you can successfully use Google Maps to find
the patient's address that is listed in the referral. 2) Check the emergency contacts in the referral
to make sure they are not marked as 'Use for EVV Verification'. 

The visit is pending to be sent to an aggregator. It will show flagged issues as well.
Non-MCO visits are to Sandata nightly.  
Any starting with Send Failed means the visit failed to send to the aggregator due to incorrect
patient, employee or visit information. A short description of the error will follow. You can review
the article for resolving Sandata errors for full details.
Resolve Sandata Errors (EVV Visits, Sandata) (barnestorm.biz)

Status Icon Description - Icons listed next to the patient's name         
The patient is scheduled for a visit. The employee has not clocked in yet for the visit. 
The employee has clocked in via Care Champ or Telephony.  The Actual column will show you
the time the employee clocked in. 
A) The employee has clocked out via Care Champ or Telephony.

B) An office staff manually keyed information using the EVV Visits screen.  

An office staff has unlocked the visit. 
An office staff has edited the visit from Barnestorm Office.
Some tasks assigned to the visit were marked as not completed. 
Visits started and/or ended without a GPS location OR starting and/or ending away from
the patient's home address. 
The employee forgot to clock out of their previous visit. If they clock in for another visit within
48 hours then the visit will automatically clock out. It will also capture the GPS coordinates if
the location service is turned on. 
All scheduled visits that have not been complete prior to current date will show up as missed. 
Scheduled visits that were cancelled. These do not get sent to an aggregator. Actual time
should be blank where time in and out are the same.
Visit Status code that was used on the visit is marked as a no charge, or the visit is less
than 8 minutes long.
Each agency decides if they want to use the Late Clock In feature. When the feature is turned
on there will be an assigned number of minutes considered as late clock in. This icon will show 
which visits have not been started yet for the current date.