Barnestorm EVV Admin Manual

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These instructions are the guide for staff who will administer EVV staff using Barnestorm Office. Please provide this link for all 

staff and have them use the guide, YouTube videos, and other supporting materials.  

We recommend saving the link to your favorites list in your web browser versus printing, as changes are made often. 

Table of Contents

This link has all videos related to EVV grouped together EVV for Administrators - YouTube

EVV - Using the EVV Visits Screen

Video: EVVStatus - YouTube

****Please reference the YouTube video on Monitoring EVV Visits for much more detail.****
EVV Visits allows you to see today's scheduled visits and monitor them as aides start and complete their EVV timestamps in the field.
We recommend monitoring each day. 

There is a From and To date so you can choose the timeframe you want to monitor. There are also buttons to allow you to see a day, week, or month at a time. Click the Today or This Week button to quickly change the From and To dates. Use the forward and back arrows to change the dates. Example: If you have a week selected and then click the back arrow button, it will take you to the previous weeks dates. 
**When you log out of Barnestorm and back in, the dates will default back to the current date.

Program: dropdown allows you select one program at a time.
Status: gives you the option to filter the list down to one status type. 
Pending = Still needs verified; EVV Verified = Has been sent to an aggregator; Send Failed = has errors that need resolved; Blank = Payer is not Sandata or HHAeXchange payer. 
Show EVV Status: check this box to view the EVV status of the visit.  This shows if the visit was verified with or without issues, pending verification, or has an error that needs attention before it will verify. 

NEW FLAG: The yellow flag will indicate if an incomplete visit was finished upon clocking-in during a later visit. 

When you click a visit on EVV Visits, you will see some additional navigation buttons pop up.
All Visits: this is the default and shows all visits for the time frame selected.
Patient Summary: shows all visits for the selected patient for the selected time frame
Aide Summary: shows all visits for the selected employee for the selected time frame

EVV - Using the Action Buttons

This section will cover the action buttons located at the top of the EVV Visits screen. 

Add Visit
Be careful using this. If the patient’s payer does not require EVV, then you should NOT use Add to put in visits on EVV Visits. Instead, you will key in those visits from timesheets as you normally would, under Employee Activity.
If the visit you need to enter does not appear on EVV Visits, go and check the Aide Plan and Aide Schedule to determine why the visits aren’t showing.

Use this to add an unexpected visit or a Hospice visit is a good example. Click a visit. Click Schedule to create a new scheduled visit. This allows you to quickly add a visit if one is missing or if the aide is having trouble with one in the field. This will add the schedule to the aides Care Champ app. Watch the video link for detailed steps.
Video: (1) Add a Scheduled EVV Visit - YouTube 

Edit is how you will normally make any changes needed on a visit. 
If the visit is "In-Progress" you will see a Finish button as well. 
Video: (1) Fix EVV Visit to Correct Visit Time - YouTube

Complete any visits where the aide fails to complete the visit using EVV. You will not be able to bill for any visits that were not completed using EVV technologies or this EVV Visit screen. 
Video: (1) Complete Non-EVV Visits - YouTube

If the visit was cancelled for any reason you can mark it as cancelled/not charged.  These visits do not get send to an aggregator. 
Video: (1) Cancel Visit - YouTube

When an EVV Visit is showing as In-Progress due to aide forgot to clock out after visit, you can finish the visit in Office from the EVV Visits screen.  *Note: All tasks will be marked as completed.  You must edit the visit to mark tasks as not complete.
Video: (1) Complete Visits Aide Forgot to Clock Out of - YouTube

Please see the instructions in the complete manual for how to handle each situation.

If you want to see the visit assessment, click the visit and then click Print.

Remove: CAUTION—do not remove visits unless you’re SURE they’re wrong! They cannot be retrieved!

EVV - When to Add EVV Visits Versus Manual Key

In general, if a visit does not show on EVV Visits, that means that the patient does not have a plan or a schedule for that day. If they are supposed to, please add the aide care plan. 

You would only use the Add button (from the EVV Visits screen) if there is a visit that needs to be sent to the Aggregator as a manual visit. That will not be the case for patients that are not required to use EVV. 

EVV - Employee Forgets to Finish Visit in Care Champ

Video: (1) Complete Visits Aide Forgot to Clock Out of - YouTube

Best Practice: The aide will get a prompt the next time they visit the patient that asks them if they want to complete any visit they forgot to complete before. If you tell them to do that, you don’t have to do the steps below!

If it shows as completed on the app but not in office: Have the aide select the visit and then select Resend. That will send the visit back to you in the office and it will show on EVV Visits. It can take up to an hour to send during office hours.  If it is after office hours, it will not send until the next day. 

The same process can be used for telephony.

Manually End Visit 
Note that the Finish button will not become active until the day after the visit date.
When the aide forgets to click Finish to end the visit, you can modify the visit as needed. 
1. On the EVV Visits screen, find the visit and click on it.
2. If the visit is In Progress, you’ll see a Finish button at the top.
3. Click Finish.  This will mark the visit as complete. 
4. If you need to change the times, you can Edit and fix the time and Update Visit. You will also need to edit any tasks not completed. If not, you’re done.

EVV - Missed Visit

Video: (1) Complete Non-EVV Visits - YouTube

If there is a Missed Visit and you need to change it to show that the visit occurred but was not electronically verified, follow these steps: 
1. Make sure to select the Missed Visit for the exact date you want to correct.
 • You can NOT change the date of a missed visit, only other details (not date).
2. You’ll see a Complete button at the top.
3. Click Complete. This makes the visit match the scheduled and marks it as Complete.
4. If you need to change the times, you can Edit and fix the time and Update Visit. If not, you’re done.

Note: Once this process is complete it will flow into the aide app as completed to prevent duplicating or lose of information. 

EVV - Cancel a Visit from EVV Visits Screen

Video: Cancel Visit - YouTube

You can mark an EVV Visit as cancelled from the EVV Visits screen in Barnestorm Office. These will be none chargeable and they do not get sent to an aggregator. 

1. Select the visit that needs cancelled.
2. Click the Cancel button.
3. Select the Visit Type reason for the cancellation.
4. The end time automatically changes to match the start time.
5. Add Comments if needed.
6. Click on Update Visit.

EVV - Changing Visits That are Inaccurate

Video: (1) Fix EVV Visit to Correct Visit Time - YouTube
When there is a phone malfunction or other issue, you can modify the visit as needed. This should not be done to “massage” visit times. According to NC DHHS, if the aide goes under or over time, those should be sent as they are and you should modify visits later on that week/month to ensure authorization is met. In other words, DO NOT use this method to FALSIFY times. 

This method is to be used in rare cases where there is an issue with coding.
1. On the EVV Visits screen, find the visit that needs the exception and click on it.
2. Click the Edit button at the top (or Start or Finish if you’re inputting times).
3. If the visit is scheduled and has not been started, you will enter the start time that the aide has called in.
4. Otherwise, change what needs to be changed (codes, etc). 
5. To adjust times, check the adjust time box and enter the correct times (CAUTION: do NOT adjust times unless there is an issue. Not matching authorization is NOT an acceptable reason).
6. To enter in a start or end time, indicate how you know the time: Change from Mobile to Manual: This means you're manually entering the time that was not verified electronically.
7. At the bottom of the screen, select the Change Reason: Caregiver error.  For the change memo, you can add something like “Caregiver forgot to clock out.”
8. Click Save to save the changes.

You could also adjust the payer, job code, or visit type here, but if they are wrong here, they should be corrected on the Aide Plan, as well.

You can also add/edit Tasks on this screen. If the tasks aren’t listed, click Reload Tasks. Then you can Check All.
Uncheck any that were not completed and fill in the reason they were not completed.

EVV Deviations

For any visit with a deviation you want to note, such as: aide left early, no sub available, patient left early, etc., note that in Comments on the visit.

NOTE: If the visit is cancelled, you MUST change the Visit Type to a Cancellation reason and make sure the end time is the same as the start time.

Deviations print on EVV Compliance Report Pre-Billing Audit (in Reports).

EVV - When EVV Visits Exceed Authorized Time

When the aide stays in the patient home for longer than the authorized amount of time, per NC DHHS, you should handle this the same with EVV as you would normally:

• If the visit time overage was due to an accident or extra time needed, you will adjust the service plan accordingly. In Barnestorm, you will do this by shortening visits as needed on the Aide Schedule. You will NOT use the instructions below. Instead, Correct future visits on Aide Schedule.
• If the visit time overage was done in error, you can correct that (use the instructions below)

1. On the EVV Visits screen, find the visit that went over the authorized time in error and click on it.
2. Click the Edit button at the top.
3. To adjust the end time, check the adjust time box and enter the correct end time.
4. To enter in the end time, indicate how you know the time—in this case, it will be Manual. 
5. At the bottom of the screen, select the Change Reason: Caregiver error. 
For the change memo, you can add something like “Caregiver went over time in error.”
6. Click Save to save the changes. The visit will now reflect the corrected time.

EVV - When an Aide Calls Off / Fill-In Aide

Video: Change a Scheduled Visit when an Aide Calls Out - YouTube

Use the following steps to create a new scheduled EVV Visit from one aide to another. 
These steps will update the EVV Visits screen, Schedule and Care Champ. 

1. Go to Aide Activity > Aide Schedule (or Employee Activity > Schedule). 
2. In the upper right, type the first 3 letters of the scheduled employee’s last name, and select them.
3. The employee schedule will show on the calendar. 
4. Right-click on the visit that they are calling out for, then left click on Edit. Do not double-click or drag to make changes that need to go to EVV. The visit will open.
5. Change the employee by entering the replacement employee last name. 
6. Save & Close. The visit will immediately go to the replacement employee’s app.

EVV - When a Patient is Discharged

Video: DischargeEVV Patient - YouTube

1. Pull up the patient from the Select Patient screen and select the Referrals tab. 
2. Go to the Payers tab and select the payer that is being discharged.
3. Check the box Discharged and then change the discharge date, as needed.  Click on Save Payer.  
4. You will receive a pop up message asking if you want to remove future schedules after the discharge date. Click on Yes. This step is important to proceed with removing schedules so that they are taken off of the aides Care Champ app/EVV Visits/Schedules
5. Click on Save All Patient data to run the process of cleaning up the schedules.  This part may take a minute to complete. 
6. Go to Aide Activity > Aide Plan. Click the plan. Click the Stop button.

****IMPORTANT: DO NOT REMOVE AIDE PLAN!!!! That is a historical record that provides the tasks & info for every visit note.

EVV - Changing the Aide on the Care Plan / Ending Care Plan Early

Video: When the Aide Switches on the Aide Plan - YouTube

***IMPORTANT: Do not change the Thru date of the care plan.  The instructions must be following exactly, otherwise app issues will occur.

Ending the care plan early and creating a new one can be used for the following reason:

  • The assigned aide will change permanently 
  • The patient switched payers 

1. Go to Aide Activity > Aide Plan. 
2. Click on the active plan. Click Copy. This creates a new plan.
3. On the new plan click on Edit.
4. Change the From and Thru dates and anything else in the plan that changed.
5. Click Create Schedules and then Save Plan. This step creates the schedule for the new plan. 
6. Select the plan that will be discontinued and click the Stop button. Answer Yes to stop the plan. This may take a minute; the entry will change to grey when ready to proceed. 
7. Click the stopped plan and click on Edit. Change the Stopped date to the date the plan will discontinue. 
8. Click on Save Plan. This step will remove future schedules after the Stopped date.

****IMPORTANT: DO NOT REMOVE AIDE PLAN!!!! That is a historical record that provides the tasks & info for every visit note.

EVV - Renew Care Plan for New Authorization

VideoRenew Aide Care Plan - YouTube
When the care plan and authorization is due to expire, you will simply copy it forward. First, you will want to make sure the new authorizations have been keyed in correctly into the Authorization screen.  Watch the video for more details. 

Ideally, annual authorization and care plan dates will match.  They should create a continuous flow of uninterrupted dates, with no gaps.
For MCOs like Healthy Blue that provide monthly authorizations, the care plan should span the entire period for which you have monthly authorizations and should NOT be broken down into monthly care plans.

****IMPORTANT: DO NOT REMOVE AIDE PLAN!!!!  DO NOT change existing care plan dates to copy forward. This is a historical record that provides the tasks & info for every visit note.

1. Pull up the patient from Patient Histories > Authorization.
2. Select the payer and then add the new authorized dates and hours.  Do not overwrite the previous authorization. 
3. Be sure to update the authorization number if the payer requires one to  be included on the claim. 

Aide Care Plan
1. From Aide Activity > Care Plan, select the expiring care plan. 
2. Click Copy
3. Change the From and Thru dates to match the new authorization dates. 
4. Update other information as needed; aide, tasks, days or visit time. 
5. Click Create Schedules and Save Plan. This step will generate the schedules for the new care plan period. 

EVV - Scheduled Visits in Aides App Do Not Match Office

Sometimes when updating the aide care plan or manually adding visits, important steps get missed, and this can cause issues with how the scheduled visits appear on the aide's app.

You will be able to fix the aide's app if the schedules appear correctly on the Aide Schedule screen.

First you will check the schedule by going to Aide Activity > Aide Schedule and pull up the employee from the employee field at the top of the screen. Verify the schedule is correct here before you use the Sync Schedules process below. As needed, go to the Aide Plan and recreate the schedules if they do not show up correctly on the schedule in Office.

Note: This process only syncs the scheduled entry, it does not sync the completed EVV Visit. 

1. From Barnestorm Office go to Codes > Other Basic Codes > Employees.
2. Pull up the aide with schedule issues from the top of the screen.
3. If the aide has an active Care Champ account then you will see "Care Champ Settings" button, select it.
4. Click the Sync Schedules button and wait for it to process.
    It can take a while to run depending on how many schedules are assigned and the internet speed.
6. Once the progress bar disappears the sync has been complete.  Ask the aide to check their schedule in the app. 

EVV - Visits are Duplicated on the Care Champ App

When an employee is showing multiple visits at the same time for the same patient on the app, sometimes you can clean them up. If the process below does not work then you can send a request in to request a Barnestorm staff to clean up the aides app. 

This can happen from time to time if specific steps to update the aide care plan/schedules were completed out of sequence or incorrectly. 

1. From Select Patient, pull up the patient whose schedule is duplicated for the aide.
2. Go to Aide Activity > Aide Plan. 
3. Edit the plan.
4. Click the box next to Create Schedules.
5. Check the box Clear All Unfinished Visits.
6. Create Schedules.
7. Save Plan.

EVV - Evaluating Employee Compliance with EVV

The main intention of electronic visit verification is to ensure that field-based healthcare staff are completing the services they’re supposed to, where and when they’re supposed to. So, a huge component of EVV implementation is for providers to determine which employees are doing that and complying with EVV guidelines, and which ones are not. There is a new EVV Aide Compliance report available (17.37—go to that section to read about how to use it.

Here’s how to use the EVV Visits screen in Barnestorm to evaluate your employee compliance: Go to EVV Visits. Set the start and end times to span the last 2 weeks or so. Click Employee to sort the visits by employee. Check the Show EVV Status checkbox.

Evaluate each aide based on the status of their visits:
Visits completed & Verified = give that aide a pat on the back

Visits completed & EVV Flagged
  o If the flagging occurs on every visit to that patient, there may be an issue with the patient address not resolving. If the address has an abbreviation, like HWY, spell the word out: Highway. If the address has an Apartment or     Unit number, remove that and put it in the “Directions” tab. Save the Referral and go back and check the EVV status to see if that cleared the flagging.
  o If the flagging is sporadic, that means the aide is not at the patient home on the flagged visits. This will require communicating with the aide to remediate.

Visits completed sporadically = need app retraining / enforcement of EVV timelines on consequences for non-compliance
 Visits completed with no EVV Verifications = locator services need to be turned on, on the aide's phone (instructions in guide)
 All visits missed = determine the problem. 
  o If it's a hardware issue (like flip phone), that aide should be switched telephony. 
  o If the issue doesn't sound particularly plausible (we've heard some silly stuff like a virus on the phone, phone issues that are weather-related, etc.), try retaining/enforcement on the app first.
  o Watch these aides to see if things improve
  o Some providers are reinforcing compliance with no-compliance, no-pay rules.


EVV Log allows you to see what your aides are doing in the field.
It's a good way to validate whether the aide is clocking in and out. 

From EVV Visits you can right click on the visit and then click on View Log.
If you receive a message that the log was not found then that means the visit was manually keyed or the user forgot to clock out and was finished in the office. 

You can also pull it up from Aide Activity > EVV Log.
Call (telephony) is selected by default, but you can click App to change to app.
All employees and patients are selected by default, but you can search for one by name or number.
The timeframe is Today by default, but you can choose a timeframe or select a custom timeframe (click from date first and then click through date).

EVV Log for Telephony (Call)

EVV Log for App

Resolve Sandata Errors

From the EVV Visits screen you can check the "Show EVV Status" checkbox to locate any errors that need to be corrected.  The error list
below will walk you through on how to fix errors using Barnestorm Office. 

Note: if the send failed shows with an stx error message, this typically means the EVV Visit was already sent but a response was not received due to timing out. Double clicking the visit will help clear the message. 

Sandata Error Type       What to do  

ClientFirstName Verify invalid characters are not in the patient referral for their name.

*Characters allowed: A-Z ‘ . – space



Invalid Medicaid ID

If the Medicaid HIC number starts with a number other than 9, this is an old Medicaid number.
Contact the patient or NC DHHS to get the new Medicaid ID.

*Ignore If payer is non-Medicaid, or does not need to be sent to Sandata aggregator. 

*Client Medicaid ID value FORMAT: 10 CHAR ALPHANUM.

*Do not use dashes 

*HIC# field is blank or invalid. 

ClientPhone format


Invalid Patient Phone#
Number listed for patient or contact needs to have area code plus 7 digits. You can list phone numbers in home, cell,
or contacts, so if you don't see the incorrectly formatted number in Referral, check Contacts.

*Make sure invalid characters are not used; ie. Letter O instead of number zero.

*Only use dashes, no other characters.

*Do not add 1 in front of the phone number.

ClientAddressLine Referral, check for invalid characters in the address in the Referral.

*Characters allowed: Alphanumeric _ . ‘ - # , / space
*Max of 30 characters 

Client Not Found -
Must have been previously
received from payer to be
updated via ALT-EVV
Try double clicking the visit from the EVV Visits screen.  If that does not work then proceed with the following... 

This is the guidance from NC DHHS for any of your patients that have this error when validating:

If you are experiencing any issues with your clients loading into Sandata or missing clients and have already contacted Sandata Customer Support Team you may send an email to

Include:  Patient Medicaid ID and service (CAP or PCS, for example)

** You will need to open a ticket with Sandata related to this issue.  Please provide Barnestorm with the date and chart so that we can provide Sandata with a JSON file.

Employee SSN  Put the complete employee SSN in Codes > Other Basic Codes > Employee.

Go back to the EVV Visits page and double click on a single entry that did not send.
You can send all employee summary entries or wait for them to get picked up on next scheduled batch.  

Worker not found 


Employee Send Failed
Double click on the entry to see if it will send successfully.
If so, you can send all employee summary entries or wait for them to get picked up on next scheduled batch.

Codes > Other Basic Codes > Employees: If the employee has credentials in their title,
delete credentials and save then try to send the entry from the EVV Visits screen by double clicking. 




Verify invalid characters are not used in the employee name; Codes > Other Basic Codes > Employee 

*Characters allowed: A-Z ‘ . – space

Error during retrieving service service_id entered 

Compare the job code HCPCS on the EVV Visit to what has been approved for the client. 

The service code must match what was approved from the state.


*Find the job code used on the EVV Visit.  Go to Codes > Rates > Job Codes, enter the program number and job code. 
Verify the HCPCS code matches the approved service code for the patient. 

ProcedureCodeFormat  Verify a valid job code is attached to the visit by previewing the note.

This can be due to no job code or visit code keyed in or a COVID call used.  

The call in cannot be greater than
the call out. 
Edit the visit to verify and correct the started and finished time.   

EVV - Visits Show No GPS for Completed Care Champ

Most important: "No GPS" visits are still billable, payable, and allowed. 
"No GPS" visits are sent as an exception that is allowed by NC DHHS, Sandata, and HHAeXchange.

Although Barnestorm cannot troubleshoot phones or other devices, here are some tips regarding GPS:

No GPS EVV Status usually indicates the employee has their location services turned off on their phone, so it cannot gather the GPS location. 
The user may have pressed 'Don't Allow' on the location popup when logging into CareChamp.
Or, they may have turned off location services on other apps.
For iPhone users, if the location is denied several times in a row then the location will become disabled until the service is reset. 
Non-Barnestorm article for location service troubleshooting: 
Top 8 Ways to Fix Location Services Not Working on iPhone - Guiding Tech
All Must-Know Facts about iPhone GPS Accuracy in 2020 (

Troubleshooting Location Services - Android (

Turn Location on for iPhone

1. Swipe up to close Care Champ app from the phone.

2. Depending on the software version, you will try one of the following steps: 

A. Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Location & Privacy.
B. Press 'Reset Settings' when it pops up.
A. Go to Settings > General > Transfer or Reset iPhone.
B. Press Reset at the bottom then select Reset Location & Privacy from the list that appears. 
C. Key in your phone password and press the Reset Settings button. 

3. Open Safari and then go to
4. Answer the first popup by clicking 'Allow While Using App'.