Using Transmit to NC Medicaid

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Using the Transmit to NC Medicaid Screen

Using Transmit to NC Medicaid Manual

We prefer for providers to use NC Tracks to upload claims. Here are instructions on how to do that:

If you are setup to send and receive NC Tracks files with a valid SFTP username and password, then you can use Transmit to NC Medicaid in Barnestorm to send and receive files. 

Billing > HIPAA Transactions > Transmit to NC Medicaid 

This screen is organized into two controls: The left side shows local files on your machine that need to be sent to NC Medicaid or files already received from Medicaid; the right side is your NC Tracks mailbox with files they generate for you to receive. 

File types to send (left side)270 eligibility verifications and 837 Claims. 

File types that are received (right side): 271 eligibility verifications response, 277 pending claims response, 835 remittance advice, 999 acknowledgements. 

Icon descriptions for files on the left panel

(1)  a red arrow pointing left-to-right on a white background = File has not been transmitted; 

(2) a red arrow pointing up on a black background = file has been transmitted but no response (.999 file) has been received back;

(3) a green checkmark = response file received indicating the claims were accepted;

(4) a red exclamation mark on a yellow triangle = response file received indicating the claims were rejected;

(5)  yellow caution icon = there's an issue with the claim and it was rejected. The entire batch needs to be recreated and sent again. Click on that line and it will show the details of the problem(s). Most errors are related to missing Medicaid HIC# or no doctor assigned in the Referral. After you have fixed the problem(s), you will need to recreate those claims and resend.

If one claim is denied (not paid on the RA) then just resubmit that one claim.

The first time this screen is opened on a desktop, the Login profile screen is shown, to get the userid, password and folder location of the claims. This is where you will update your SFTP password after it has been updated through the NC Tracks portal. Once a profile has been saved, when the screen opens, it will automatically attempt to connect to NC Tracks and log in. Once connected it will load the files available to be received from NC Tracks in the right panel.

The files are displayed in date/time order, from newest to oldest. The Empl# box is used to filter the files displayed to only the ones created by that employee# (the first 4 digits of the file name match the employee#). This is automatically filled in as the employee# of the person logged in to Barnestorm.  Delete the Empl# box and click Refresh File List to view all. 

When the files are copied from the right-hand panel to the left, they are automatically renamed based on their contents (claim response files will have the name of the original claim file and a .999 suffix, eligibility verification files will have the name of the .270 but a .271 suffix, and remittance advice files will have MD followed by the year/month/day of the payment and a .835 suffix).

Any file sent can be rejected, whether it’s claims or eligibility verification. If the icon to the left of a file is a red exclamation mark on a yellow triangle, and you click on that file name, a screen with an explanation of the problem will pop up that tries to indicate what the problem is and which patient has the problem. That icon means that the ENTIRE batch has been rejected, not just that one patient, and when the problem is fixed, the entire batch must be created again and sent.

Medicaid has a schedule of cutoff days, where all claims submitted by 5pm on that day will be paid on the next checkwrite date.

Transmit Files to NC Medicaid

Transmitting files to NC Tracks includes claims and eligibility files. 

Receive Files from NC Medicaid

Connecting to Transmit to NC Medicaid

The Barnestorm Transmit to NC Medicaid uses the same SFTP connection aNC Tracks portal > Trading Partner > Batch Claims -- which may differ from your general NC Tracks portal login. Your office should have an administrative user who is in charge of maintaining NC Tracks logins. This includes the password and access levels. Barnestorm does keep track your password and is unable to help with resetting or updating access information in NC Tracks. 

Where is the login information saved in Barnestorm?

From Barnestorm Office go to Billing > HIPAA Transactions > Transmit to NC Medicaid. Click the Login button in the middle, lower part of the screen. You can enter your NCID and SFTP password (different from your general NC Tracks portal login). Click on Save to update the information. Other screen to update this information is from Codes > Security > Logins. You'll select the user, update the information and click on Save.

Billing > HIPAA Transactions > Transmit to NC Medicaid

NC Tracks Portal > Go to Trading Partner > Batch Claims

My password has expired and I'm unable to connect to Transmit to NC Medicaid. 

If your password is incorrect, expired or you do not have access to send/receive files to Medicaid, you'll receive a permission or connection error. Try logging into your NC Tracks > Trading Partner > Batch Claims using the same login information you are using in Barnestorm. If it does not work, you will need to ask your office NC Tracks admin to reset the password for you in the Edit User Screen of the portal or contact NC Tracks for additional help. 

Once you have the correct password you can update it in Barnestorm from Billing > HIPAA Transactions >Transmit to NC Medicaid and click on the Login Info button in the middle of the screen. Change the password and click on Save. It can take up to 24 hours for the password to be updated from their end. You can continue to attempt to connect to Transmit to NC Medicaid until it is successful. 

Permission Denied (password): You may be able to log in to the basic NC Tracks portal, but still get that error in Barnestorm when trying to access the Transmit to Medicaid screen. This means your login does not have access to the Secure SFTP site to send claims. (This is also a common issue after the user's password has changed.  You will need to contact NC Tracks to have them update your new password to their Secure SFTP connection.)  Ask your office NC Tracks admin to verify you are setup with access rights to features like batch claims, remittance, and eligibility batch through NC Tracks -- Barnestorm is not able to help with this process. 

If you receive an error regarding Failed SFTP error 114, it could mean the Medicaid system is so busy that it fails to respond within 30 seconds to a login request OR the portal is down for maintenance or connection issues. If you're sure that the password is correct, just keep trying until you can log in. Unfortunately, Barnestorm is unable to help with this issue, as it's a Medicaid problem, so keep trying